WordPrss 4.9.8 is Now Available — Here’s How to Install / Upgrade on Ubuntu 16.04 | 18.04 LTS

WordPress 4.9.8 is now available for download…. This is a maintenance release which fixes 46 bugs, enhancements and blessed tasks, including updating the Twenty Seventeen bundled theme…

This maintenance release might be an opportunity to try out Gutenberg block editor before it is released in WordPress 5.0…

When you upgrade to 4.9.8, you’re immediately presented with a “Try Gutenberg” callout notice in WordPress dashboard…. This will be a good opportunity to test and get to know Gutenberg before it’s force down on your with WordPress 5.0 release…

Again, to take advantage of these bug fixes, you will want to upgrade now… For most, WordPress upgrades are done automatically. However, if your environment isn’t setup for automatic upgrade / update then you must manually do the upgrade from the admin dashboard..

This release also brings 18 Privacy fixes:

  • The type of request being confirmed is now included in the subject line for all privacy confirmation emails.
  • Improved consistency with site name being used for privacy emails in multisite.
  • Pagination for Privacy request admin screens can now be adjusted.
  • Increased the test coverage for several core privacy functions.

For more about this release, please check the release page from here

Below are tutorials that show students and new users how to install WordPress with Apache2 or Nginx webserver support on Ubuntu servers… If you want to learn how to install WordPress, use the tutorials below…

WordPress with Apache2 Support

If you want to learn how to install WordPress with Apache2, MariaDB and PHP 7.2, the post below is a great place to start…

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WordPress with Nginx Support

To learn how to install WordPress with Nginx, MariaDB and PHP 7.2 support, the post below should be a great place to start…

WordPress Supports PHP 7.2 – Here’s How to Install on Ubuntu with Nginx and MariaDB Support

Upgrading WordPress

If you just want to upgrade, then go over to WordPress Dashboard → Updates and click “Update Now.” Sites that support automatic background updates are already beginning to update automatically.

This will update WordPress to the latest release… hope you enjoy it and stay tuned for more new and tutorials on installing and using WordPress to power your blogs and websites…

That’s it!

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