WordPress 5.0.3 Available — Here’s How to Install / Upgrade on Ubuntu 16.04 | 18.04

WordPress 5.0.3 is now available! This is a maintenance release which addresses 36 bugs which fixes and 7 performance improvements for the block editor recently introduced with 5.0 major release…

The highlights of this release includes, 5 total Block Editor improvements, 13 bugs fixed across all of the bundled themes and other minor changes with customization components..

If you’re running WordPress 5.0.2 you should upgrade to this version to improve your site’s performance with block editor enabled…

WordPress sites that have upgraded to 5.0.2 and are configured to automatically update will see the sites upgraded to 5.0.3…. If you haven’t upgraded to the 5.0 major release version, you’re encouraged to do so…For more about this release, please check the release page from here

Few highlight’s introduced with this release:

  • Optimizing the addHook function
  • Optimizing the viewport state initialization.
  • Splitting the state tree for more performant selectors.
  • Fix RTL support for the DatePicker component.
  • Change the header level in the BlockCompare component.
  • Show all the taxonomies in the sidebar.
  • Fix the latest posts date className.
  • Fix the “align center” button in Latest Posts block in the backend.
  • Code style fixes and expand the phpcs coverage.

Below are tutorials that show students and new users how to install WordPress with Apache2 or Nginx webserver support on Ubuntu servers… If you want to learn how to install WordPress, use the tutorials below…

Install WordPress with Apache2 Support

If you want to learn how to install WordPress with Apache2, MariaDB and PHP 7.2, the post below is a great place to start…

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Upgrading WordPress

If your sites are not configured to automatically upgrade, then go over to WordPress Dashboard → Updates and click “Update Now.” Sites that support automatic background updates are already beginning to update automatically.

WordPress 5.0 upgrade

This will update WordPress to the latest release… hope you enjoy it and stay tuned for more new and tutorials on installing and using WordPress to power your blogs and websites…

That’s it!

Again, if you haven’t upgraded to version 5.0, you may want to do so now to take advantage of these improvements…

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