Windows Can’t Connect to Wi-FI How do You Fix?

Sometimes Windows machines fail to connect to WiFi.. how do you fix?

Students who have WiFi network issues on Windows 8 or 10 computers. Here’s the situation: you typed the correct password for your WiFi network, yet still can’t connect. And you receive an error “Can’t connect to network”

If you’re a student or anyone experiencing this problem continue below to learn of possible fix.

This might not be the fix for all “can’t connect to network” issues, but majority of the time this tip will resolve this particular issue.

This tutorial is going to be short. That’s what we do here. Our readers and students who visit our site find our guide appealing because they’re short and to the point.

No complicated fluff.

Without going into too much detail, this problem usually occurs when the wrong password is saved into the WiFi profile on the computer.  If you happens to change the WiFi password in your Internet router, some laptops and computers keep using the old password stored in them to connect.

So your laptop attempts to connect with the stored password and it keeps failing.

Fixing “Can’t Connect to network” Issues

On Windows 8 and others, including your mobile phone all one has to do is right-click the WiFi signal bar and select the WiFi network and click Forget this network.

windows 8 forget network

The same doesn’t apply to Windows 10 computers. You can’t just right-click on a WiFi network and forget it.

On Windows 10, click Start –> Settings –> Network & Internet

windows 10 network & Internet

On the next page, select Manage Wi-Fi settings

windows manage wifi settings

Once there, select your Wi-Fi network and click Forget

windows 10 forget wifi network

Next, go back and attempt to connect to your WiFi and hopefully this time it will connect.

This is how I’ve always resolved this issue. If you still having problem after doing the above steps, then it might mean something else is going on.

Also do forget to restart your computer and try again. Sometimes it might just be that you need to restart your computer to fix it too.

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