Upgrading Ubuntu 16.10 to 17.04

For students and new users who want to upgrade to Ubuntu 17.04, this brief tutorial is going to show them how to easily do it. As you may already know, Ubuntu 17.04, code named (Zesty Zapus) was just recently released. As we every release, new features are added, bugs are resolved and the newer edition becomes the latest current supported version.

If you’re still running Ubuntu 16.10 or previous versions, this may be an opportunity to upgrade for free. And for one to upgrade, there are many paths to take. However, the most popular way is to upgrade is to do it connected to the Internet.

Upgrading Ubuntu via the Internet requires that you have a decent and reliable Internet connection, or your system may not be able to download all upgrade-able packages and my eventually corrupt the machine.

This post is going to describe the steps necessary to upgrade Ubuntu via the Internet. But if you don’t have a decent and reliable Internet connection, please don’t upgrade your machine via the Internet.

Step 1: Updating Ubuntu 16.10

Before you begin upgrading Ubuntu, your first task should be to update the your current machine. Doing this will allow all packages to be updated first before upgrading. To update Ubuntu machines run the commands below from the command line terminal.

To launch the command line terminal, press Ctrl — Alt — T on your keyboard.

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-gt dist-upgrade && sudo apt-get autoremove

You can also update Ubuntu desktop by opening Software Updater and installing all available updates for the machine..


Next, click the Install Now button to download and install all available updates for your system.

ubuntu upgrade 17.04

Wait for all the current packages to finish updating. You may have to reboot the Ubuntu machine after the update. When you log back in, run the commands below to begin upgrading.

Launch Software Updater again and this time you should get a message prompting you to upgrade your system. When you’re ready to upgrade, click the Yes, Upgrade Now button.

upgrade ubuntu 17.04

Or this screen

upgrade ubuntu 17.04

Or you can run the commands below from the command line terminal and upgrade.

sudo do-release-upgrade

When you run the above command, Ubuntu will fetch the latest release version and begin upgrading your machine after agreeing to the prompts. Follow the upgrade wizard until you’re done. After the upgrade, Ubuntu will prompt you to reboot your machine.. do it.

And this is how one upgrades Ubuntu.


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