Windows Can’t Connect to Wi-FI How do You Fix?

Sometimes Windows machines fail to connect to WiFi.. how do you fix? Students who have WiFi network issues on Windows 8 or 10 computers. Here’s the situation: you typed the correct password for your WiFi network, yet still can’t connect. And you receive an error “Can’t connect to network”

Lesson 50: Adding Local User Accounts to Windows 10

Students lesson 50 assignment: How do you add additional user accounts to Windows 10 computers? This lesson 50 tutorial shows students and users how to add additional users to Windows 10 computers. With Windows 10, things have changed a bit and new users are confused about some of these changes. The confusion comes from the […]

Lesson 44: How to Update Your Fovarite Web Browsers

Student lesson 44 assignment: How do you update Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer? Gone are the days when there was only one major web browser on ninety percent of the computers. Internet Explorer was king in those days. Now you we have Google Chrome, Firefox Internet Explorer and many others. These three browsers make up […]

Lesson 40: Create System Restore Point in Windows 10

Students lesson 40 assignment: How do you create system restore points in Windows 10? Do you wish you could turn back time in some instances? How would you like to go back to something that was perfect few minutes ago? Well, you can do that with Windows’ System Restore feature. System Restore in Windows 10 […]

Lesson 37: Uninstalling Windows 10 Apps

Students lesson 37 assignment: How to uninstall Windows 10 apps and programs? There are two types of apps that are installed on Windows 10 systems: Desktop apps and Windows apps. The Windows apps are those that are installed like in traditional versions of Windows and the desktop are are those installed from the Windows store. […]

Lesson 34: Change Windows 10 Apps Installation Location

Student lesson 34 assignment: How do you change Windows 10 default apps installation location? By default all Windows applications are installed on the Local Disk C: (This PC) drive. This has been the default location since from the beginning of the modern Windows OS. Advanced users may choose to install new applications at a different […]

Lesson 33: Disable Windows 10 Recent Files & Frequent Folders List

Students lesson 33 assignment: How to protect user privacy by disabling Windows 10 recent files in Quick access? Windows 10 introduced some new features that many might find embarrassing especially when someone is able to view your recent activities which you wanted to keep private. With Windows 10, File Explorer (previously known as Windows Explorer) […]

Lesson 32: Enable / Disable SmartScreen Filter in Windows 10

Students lesson 32 assignment: How to disable or re-enable Windows 10 SmartScreen filter? SmartScreen filter was introduced with Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (IE 8) web browser. It was developed to protect user computers from viruses and spyware programs online. SmartScreen filter seems to be so successful that Microsoft implemented this security mechanism within the OS […]