Setup OpenSSH Key Authentication (Passwordless) on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Server

Are you tired of typing passwords each time you logon to your OpenSSH sessions on your Ubuntu servers? The steps below can help you setup SSH key authentication where you never have to type a password again, (Password less).. If you’re reading this post then you probably know a thing or two about OpenSSH. Without […]

Disable Remote Logon for the Root Account on Ubuntu 17.04 | 17.10

Ubuntu root account isn’t disabled… it just doesn’t have a password. And without passwords, there will probably be no way for the root account to logon remotely either via SSH or other remote tools. When you install openSSH server, the root account is allowed to logon. Again, it’s not a problem while the root account […]

How to Enable Windows 10 Built-in OpenSSH Client

Microsoft has finally add OpenSSH client on Windows 10 machines… although still a beta feature, it works. As of now, you’ll probably still want to use your favorite SSH client instead of the Windows 10 version. To use Windows 10 SSH client you must add or install it.. it’s part of Windows but not enabled […]