How to Block Potentially Unwanted Apps in Microsoft Edge

This brief tutorial shows students and new users how to enable the new Microsoft Edge blocker for Potentially Unwanted Apps | Programs (PUP).

For those who have been following, Microsoft Edge is based on Chromium and has a new spyware | malware blocker. With it, you can automatically block downloads of low-reputation apps that might cause unexpected behaviors, including being used to spay on your activities online.

This feature won’t be enable by default.

If you’ve just installed Microsoft Edge, you will not see it just yet in the stable release. It has been added to the beta version of Edge and should make it way to the stable version in a few weeks.

This browser feature blocks potentially unwanted apps or program (PUP) including, adware, spy browser toolbars, trackers, miners, and things that may be used to spy on your or steal your information.

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How to Enable Microsoft Edge (Chromium-Based) Dark Mode on Windows 10

This brief tutorial shows students and new users how to enable and force the Microsoft (Chromium-based) Edge dark mode on Windows 10.

The new Windows Edge has a dark mode, but use it, you’ll have to turn it on and this post shows you how to.

When you enable Edge dark mode, it changes the entire theme, menu and other buttons complete dark. Changing to a dark mode theme only apply to Edge. Websites and other portals can choose to obey your theme selection, but no website actually uses dark mode for their content.

To complete change Edge theme and all websites to go dark, you can use Edge experimental force dark mode option found in Google Chrome to force all content into website content to go dark.

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Make Google Search Default in Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft’s new Edge browser has Bing as its default search engine, but it’s easy to switch to Google or other search engines. This brief tutorial shows new users and students how to easily switch Microsoft Edge browser search engine to Google.

The new Edge browser no longer uses the tactics used in Internet Explorer when switching search providers by installing their plugins. Edge provides an easy way to change the default search provider from its browser settings panels.

To make Google the default search engine in Edge browser, follow the steps below:

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