Manage Linux Server via SFTP and Notepad++

Managing Linux servers remotely via SSH can be daunting for new users and students. When you connect via SSH to a remote server, all you see is a terminal screen that allows authenticated users to run commands. For those afraid of Linux terminal, a better way is to connect via SFTP and use a code editor.

This brief tutorial is going to show students and new users how to easily manage Linux server files via SFTP (FileZilla) and Notepad++. SFTP is when you use a FTP client over SSH or port 22. This provides encryption and security over plain FTP.

Notepad++ is an alternative to Windows’ Notepad with lot more features and support several programming languages. FileZilla is a great FTP client that allows user to transfer files between networked devices. It also support SFTP. So, to manage Linux servers like a pro remotely without the skills to use the terminal console, follow the guide below.

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