How to Upgrade VirtualBox Host Software

upgrading virtualbox host

VirtualBox is a recommended virtualization software for IT students. If you’re studying to be an IT professional, having VirtualBox or VMWare Workstation handy is almost a must. These two virtualization software will allow you to run virtual labs and test environments to help solve problems.

I always have VirtualBox and VMWare Workstation installed on my Windows desktops. This brief tutorial shows students and new users how to upgrade VirtualBox host software on Windows machines.

VirutalBox releases new updates very frequently. These updates help fix issues, enhance the software and sometimes close security vulnerabilities. When you get prompted to install these updates, follow the guide below to learn how.

For those who haven’t installed VirtualBox yet can read the post below to learn how.

When you have VirtualBox installed, over time you will get one of these updates. They pop up when you launch the VirtualBox software on the host computer like the one below.

VirtualBox upgrade on windows

When you launch the software, you get a pop up window that says a new version of VirtualBox has been released! When you get the pop up windows as shown above, click the download link to automatically begin downloading VirtualBox latest version.

On Windows machines, this should open Internet Explorer download manager. After downloading, run the executable to begin installing the upgraded version of VirtualBox.

VirtualBox installing on Windows

After reviewing the installation wizard, click the Install button.

VirtualBox install on Windows

You will have to close all opened windows of VirtualBox for the upgrade to be successful. After installing the upgrade and launching VirtualBox, you’ll be prompted again to download and install the an upgraded version of VirtualBox extension pack.

Click the Download button to download the extension pack.

virtualbox extension pack downloiad

Install and upgrade the extension pack.

virtualbox extension pack upgrade

VirtualBox guest extension pack enhances the communication between the host computer and the virtual guest machines. So installing these updates is pretty important if you want the guest machines to and host to function properly.

Agree to the terms and upgrade the extension pack. After that, the host machine should be upgraded to the latest version of VirtualBox.

When you upgrade VirtualBox host software, you’ll also need to upgrade the guest tools installed on the virtual machines. To learn how upgrade those, read the post below.


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