How to Disable Old Sites from Google AdSense Account

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Want to delete old sites from your Google AdSense accounts? I recently sold one of my WordPress blogs and I had to scrubbed all traces of my information from the blog before handling it over to the new owner.

I removed my Google AdSense code, Analytics and other info that could be linked to me or my other sites. For students and new users who have gone through similar situations or may have deleted a blog and want to remove the blog’s info from AdSense can follow the guide below.

Something to remember is, one can not delete sites from AdSense account as long as the sites have historical financial records.

One can not delete sites from Google AdSense account and I believe it’s because sites with historical accounting information must be kept for how long? I don’t know. What one can do to prevent unauthorized use of AdSense code is to validate (verified) all working sites and invalidate (unverified) sites not under your control.

Verified sites are those you identified and are permitted to use your Google ad code. If you’re concern that someone may want to maliciously use your ad code, you might want to use the verified sites feature.

Even if your Google ad code is used on sites that are not verified by you, it won’t hurt your standing with Google and those ads won’t generate earnings. So, the safest way to protect your AdSense account is to invalidate sites you have no control over and only permit your ad codes to be used on verified sites.

Step 1: Authoring your verified sites in Google AdSense account

To authorize all your verified sites, logon to AdSense and select Settings on the left as shown in the image below.

adsense verified sites

Next, click My Sites and, then Manage Sites page and click the More options and select Verify sites.

adsense remove sites

Then check the boxes next to all the sites you have control over and uncheck the ones you don’t control anymore.

Next, click Manage Sites option again and select Site authorization

adsense sites verify

Finally, turn on site authorization and save.

google site authorization

Save and you’re done. This is how you configure AdSense so that you’re not a victim of malicious behavior.  Site verification feature will only allow permitted to use your Google ad code. If an authorized site is using your ad code, it will still show but won’t generate earnings from them.



  1. I want to unverify a site from my non-hosted Adsense account but I am disabled to unverify a site.

  2. Hello there……
    Earlier last year i opened a gmail account of which i used to apply for AdSense for my blog . Along the line, i set up 2-step verification for the gmail account and also set my phone as the only recognised device for that account; which is to say before anyone could login to that gmail account with a no the device, a confirmation codes will first be sent to my phone to verify.
    But unfortunately around December last year(2018) my phone got spoilt and couldn’t be repaired because of Panel breakdown, and since then, i haven’t been able to access neither my gmail account nor AdSense account. I have tried everything to let google know that the account belongs to me but they always keep replying that “they’re unable to verify the account belongs to me”.
    Right now, I’m tired of the whole stress and i have decided to open another gmail account and reapply for AdSense but since the other AdSense account is still active on my blog even as i no longer gain access to it, please how do i remove the old AdSense account from my blog so as to paste the code for the new one i will apply for; since one can’t used two AdSense accounts on one site or blog?

  3. This topic went in the wrong direction.

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