How to Turn On | Off Windows System Protection?

Windows 7 through 10 provide system protection feature that allows your computer to regularly create restore points. How do you turn the feature on and off in Windows 10?

Answer for students: Windows 10 comes with a feature introduced in previous version called System Protection. It job is to create restore points regularly so you can restore your computer in cases of emergency.

By default these are created every 7 days if no restore points were created during that period. Windows restore point is a great feature to enable if it’s not enabled already.

When you do enable it, your computer will create points in time that you can restore to. You will then be able to restore your computer back in time when you need to. This brief tutorial is going to show you how to enable or disable it in Windows 10.

Before you continue, this feature can only be turned on or enabled by the system administrator or member of the administrators group. If you are, continue below.

Step 1: Open Windows System Settings page.

The System Protection feature can easily be enabled or disabled from the system settings page. To access that page, press the Windows Logo Key and R on your keyboard.

Doing that will open Windows Run command box as shown below. When it opens, type the command below and press enter.

Windows Run Dialog Box

When the system settings page opens, select the System Protection tab, then click the Local Disk (C:) (System) (or disk you want to enable) and click Configure.

windows system protection configure

Next, select the radio button next to Turn on system protection under System Settings,  and use the slider under Disk Space Usage and assign a percentage of the maximum disk space to use for system protection.

As the space fills up, older restore points will be deleted to make room for new ones. Make sure you don’t assign too much if the disk you’re protecting doesn’t have enough free space.

enable windows 10 system protection

Click OK and you’re done.

This is how to enable Windows 10 System Protection.

To disable, click the radio button next to Disable system protection under Restore Settings.

That’s it!

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