Sharing Windows 10 Shares with Ubuntu 17.04 via Samba

Few days ago we showed students and new users ways to share Windows 10 resources with Ubuntu 17.04 systems. That post can be viewed from this link.

In that post, we said for filesharing to work between Windows and Ubuntu Linux machines, you must add both machines to the same workgroup, the same network (or enable routing), and turn on file and printer sharing for Windows guest network. You’ll also need to enable network discovery on the Windows machine.

You must also install Samba and Samba related packages on the Ubuntu machine.

When you do all of that, basic file sharing should be enabled between the two systems. However, shared resources are not public by default, and not everyone will be able to access them on the Windows machine from Ubuntu.

This brief tutorial is going to show you how to create Windows shared resources in Windows 10.

There are several methods one can use to share folders and files with others on the network. Windows has a built-in Create a Shared Folder Wizard to can guide you through the process. Another method is to use the command line to share files and folders.

To learn how to create Windows shares, follow the steps below

Step 1: Creating Windows Shared Folders

To share Windows 10 folder, right-click the Start button and select Computer Management as shown in the image below

Then expand the Shared Folder name, select Shares, and click New Share

Next, browse to the folder you wish to share. If you know the path, type it into the box and click Next.

You can give it a description if you wish. Click Next to move on.

On the permissions screen, select Customize permission option, the select the button to customize. If you don’t wish to provide everyone full access, you can choose other settings options, like full access for administrators and no access for others.

Or Full access for administrators and read-only access to everyone.

Because you want to provide everyone access to the shared folder, select the Everyone group, then check the box to provide full access.

When you’re done, setting the permissions, click Finish.

This is how to create a shared folder on Windows systems.

Now from you Ubuntu machine, everyone should be able to see the public folder you shared with everyone.

You’re done.


This post shows you how to create shared folder using Windows Create Shared Folder Wizard. The wizard is easy to follow and students should be able to complete easily.

For sharing to be enabled between Windows and Linux systems, Samba must be installed on the Linux machine. Without Samba, it maybe be difficult or impossible to access the shared folder this way.


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  1. On my wife’s Samsung TabPro running Windows 10, in Computer Management ,I am unable to access the New Share in the popup menu from a right click on the Shares folder. I am using an administrator account. I only seem to be able to create shares from the file explorer.

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