Setting Up WordPress CMS After Installing

So, we’ve written a lot about WordPress on this blog. We’ve talked about installing WordPress on Ubuntu 17.04, showed students and new users ways to secure WordPress and many other posts on managing WordPress blogs and websites.

This post today is going to show you some of the things you should do right after installing WordPress.. Learning how to install WordPress is one thing, configuring WordPress so that it is working properly is another and should be done almost immediately after installing.

Now, lets get started.. and show you some of the things to do almost immediately after getting WordPress up and running the first time.

Step 1: Setup WordPress Permalinks Links

WordPress permalinks are the permanent URLs for posts and pages of the site. They are not supposed to change. When WordPress is installed, by default it is configured with a default permalinks settings also known as ugly links.

Most websites today are configured with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. The default URL settings that comes with WordPress is not what we called SEO friendly.

Here’s an example:

What everyone wants is a SEO friendly URL that’s easy to read and understand. To accomplish that, you must configure WordPress with these settings as shown in the image below.

wordpress permalinks options

Step 2: Disable emails when comments posted

Another settings you may want to disable is email notifications when comments are made or held for moderation. This will likely flood your inbox if you don’t disable. To disable it, go to the Settings ==> Discussions Settings page. The uncheck the boxes as shown below.

Step 3: Setup General Settings

The next page you may want to visit is the General Settings page. There you can properly set the Site Title, Tagline, Email address for notifications, Timezone and more. To access the General Settings page, click Settings ==> General.

wordpress general settings page

When you’re done, click Save Changes to save your changes.

Step 4: Install Featured plugins

You’ll probably also want to install some featured plugins for your sites. Not all featured plugins are necessary to install.. but ones that help secure, enhance the site capabilities are the ones you should install.

To install some featured plugins, select Plugins –> Add New. Under Featured, browse the plugins to install.

featured wordpress plugins

Those are the few tasks you may want to do after install WordPress the first time. Other steps you can take later, but these are important. For the plugins to installed, you should probably install Akismet, JetPack by and WP Super Cache.


This is  not a complete list of steps to do right after installing WordPress, but the few steps above can put you on the right path. Do these and keep coming back here for more tutorials on WordPress.

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