How to Protect LibreOffice Documents with Passwords

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LibreOffice can help you protect your documents with passwords. Only users with the correct password will be allowed to open the documents. How do you password-protect LibreOffice documents?

For those using LibreOffice productivity suite, this brief tutorial is going to show you how to password-protect documents created with LibreOffice Suite.

When a document is password-protected, authorized users won’t be able to open, read or modify it. This is a great way to make sure confidential information are kept private.

Because LibreOffice uses very strong encryption algorithm, forcing your way or bypassing a password-protecting document is almost impossible.

The document owner who loses the password will also be denied access. It’s that secured. The owner may never be able to open that document again.

Step 1: Password protecting documents

To get started with protecting your documents in LibreOffice, open an existing document or create a new one. Then when you’re done editing it, go to File –> Save As from the top menu of the program.

Then on the Save As dialog box, check the box that says “Save with password”

This will allow you to enter a password to protect the document.

libreoffice password protect files

Next, type and confirm a password that will open the document. It is important that you remember this password, as there’s no possible way to open it without the password.

LibreOffice try to warn you that:

After a password has been set, the document will only open with the password. Should you lose the password, there will be no way to recover the document. Please also note that this password is case-sensitive.

libreoffice password file

You also have the option of protecting the content by only allowing read-only permissions. Users will be able to read the content but can’t change it.

To protect the document content, click Options on the screen below the password fields. Then select Open file read-only

password protect libreoffice cotent

This will allow the reader to only view the file content and not make changes. If the user wants to make changes, he/she will be prompted again to provide a password to edit the document.

When a content protected document is opened, it opens in read-only mode with an edit button to the top. To edit it, click the Edit Document button and supply the correct password.

libreoffice content edit button

That’s it! This will allow you to keep confidential information private.



  1. Geoffrey Bernstein

    I want to password protect folders, Can you tell me how, please?

    1. Postrationalist

      Folders need to be handle at the operating system level, not within the editing app.
      You need to chose an encrypting program that integrates well with the os, like boxcryptor or ecryptfs, or use a file compression program with a password options.

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