PrestaShop Released with Improved Stock Management, Low-Stock Alerts

The latest version of PrestaShop ( has recently been released with improved stock management and new demo products to allow users to be able to demo their stores. It’s has been over three months since the last release and this one brought in over 200 contributions (pull requests).

We have shown users how to install PrestaShop on Ubuntu with either Nginx or Apache2 support. and if you want to know how to install it, follow those pages to get it working on Ubuntu with MariaDB and PHP.

Besides improved stock management, a new low-stock alert configuration on each product page was also introduced with this release. this is a useful feature that will help merchants manage their inventories and know when to restock products before they’re completely out.

This can be very costly for merchants without good inventory management.

For more about this release, please follow the release page below:

Some highlights:

  • Bulk edit of the quantity
  • Import / Export features from the Stock Overview page (CSV ou excel)
  • Configure delivery times text by default and display in the front office
  • New collection of demo products
  • Full supports languages written from right to left, like Arabic, Persian, and Hebrew.

Click the link below to see the release page

PrestaShop on Ubuntu with Apache2, MariaDB and PHP

Below is a tutorial on installing PrestaShop on Ubuntu with Apache2, MariaDB and PHP. follow the post below to install it, then upgrade to the latest version.

PrestaShop on Ubuntu with Nginx, MariaDB and PHP

If you prefer to run PrestaShop with Nginx webserver, follow the tutorial below to get it working on Ubuntu. There may be other tutorial on this site to include SSH/TLS certificates to your installation.

That’t should do it. Hope you enjoy it!



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