How to Install VirtualBox on Ubuntu?

VirtualBox is a free virtualization software that allows you to install guest operating systems on a single host computer.. now how do you install it on Ubuntu systems?

I’d recommend to all IT students and those taking IT exam classes to install VirtualBox or VMware Workstations. These two programs will help you greatly in pursuing your goals.

This tutorial shows students how to install VirtualBox on Ubuntu systems. It’s a great program to have for testing and learning purposes.

VirtualBox and VMware Workstations are virtualization software. These programs install on existing computers which extend the capabilities of the host computers to allow you to run multiple operating systems inside these virtual machines at the same time.

This brief tutorial is going to show you how to easily install VirtualBox on Ubuntu systems. With this single Ubuntu machine, you’ll be able to run multiple operating systems, like Windows, MacOS and other Linux OS inside your Ubuntu computer.

Installing VirtualBox Repository Authentication Key

Update Ubuntu server:

sudo apt-get update

Before you can install VirtualBox, you must first install its repository key on your systems. This can be done by running the commands below, then press the Enter key.

wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add -

Adding VirtualBox Repository

Next, add VirtualBox repository to your Ubuntu systems. To do that, copy and paste the commands below, then press the Enter key.

sudo sh -c 'echo "deb $(lsb_release -sc) contrib" >> /etc/apt/sources.list'

After adding VirtualBox repository and authentication key, the next step is to install VirtualBox package. As of this writing, the latest version of VirtualBox was VirtualBox-5.1

Next, run the commands below to install version 5.1. To install other version, visit VirtualBox download page and view the version you wish to install, then come back and replace 5.1 with it.

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install virtualbox-5.1

After installing the package, go to your desktop launcher and launch the program.

Installing VirtualBox Extension Pack

To extend the capabilities of the virtual machines (guest), it is recommended to install VirtualBox Extension Pack. You should download the pack for the version of VirtualBox install.

Visit VirtualBox’s download page to get the extension packs. (All supported platforms)

Double-click the download file and if prompted to install, select OK.

virtualbox extension pack installation

Finally, begin installing guest machines on to your host.

virtualbox welcome

Removing VirtualBox from Ubuntu

To completely remove VirtualBox from your Ubuntu systems, run the commands below.

sudo apt-get purge virtualbox-5.1 && sudo apt-get autoremove

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