How to Change Windows PC Name

Is there an easy way to change Windows PC Name? I have a Windows 7 and 10 computers. They have names that I want to change.. please write a simple tutorial to help anyone.

There are many ways users can change their Windows computer names. Windows makes this easy especially for new users. Instead of using the command line or another advanced methods that the professionals use, users can simply do this with a couple of clicks.

The quickest way to change a Windows PC name is by going to the System properties and changing the name there. To do that, press the Windows Key and R on your keyboard. ( Windows Logo + R )

The Windows logo key is the one left of the spacebar with Windows logo. Press those two keys and open command Run box.

When the Run box opens, type the commands below and press Enter.


Windows Run Dialog Box

For those users who don’t understand how to do the keys combinations above, can simple click Start –> and select Settings or right-click Computer and click Properties

When the System Properties page opens, select Computer Name tab as shown below.. then click the Change button to change the computer name.

Change windows 10 computer name

Type a new name in the computer name box and click OK.

Changing Windows PC name

Doing that will prompt you to restart your computer. Do it and the next type you log back in, then computer will be assigned the new name entered.

That’s it!


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