Moodle 3.5.1 Released — Here’s How to Install on Ubuntu 16.04 | 18.04 LTS

Moodle, an open source course manage system (CMS) written and based on PHP which allows learning institutions and organizations create powerful courses for students and other users has been updated to version 3.5.1

Moodle is used by many distance learning institutions around the world to provide courses for their students… it’s free and released under the GNU general public license…

This release brought many changes, including bug fixes and improvements…

If you wish to install the latest version of Moodle, the posts below should get you get there…. You’ll learn how to install Moodle with Apache2 or Nginx HTTP server…Below is a list of improvements and bug fixes included with this release:

  • Enable admins and privacy officers to make subject access requests on behalf of users
  • Data requests page may be filtered or sorted and is paginated
  • User who made the data request shown on data requests page
  • Multiple unnecessary Messaging AJAX requests
  • Can’t install Moodle with MariaDB version >= 10.3.1
  • Short answer question doesn’t display correctly when using the Boost theme
  • Calendar event descriptions not saved when using TinyMCE
  • Drag and drop question types broken when using iOS 11.3
  • Filename corruption on download when name contains multibyte chars when using MS Edge
  • Notifications are not marked as read when clicked on
  • New ‘deleted’ field for forum posts is used in the wrong way for RSS feeds
  • Request to delete forum data for a user will delete files of all users
  • Participants page exhausts memory with many site-wide role assignments
  • Question rendering API does not support all ‘question numbers’ that might be needed
  • get_recordset methods load entire result set into memory in Postgres
  • Policy plugin problem when guests attempt to create an account
  • Database exception when deleting user data from the HTML block
  • Predefined tags are not appearing in the question tag dropdown
  • Editing options disappear after saving a Lesson page in expanded view

For more about this release, please read tis changelog page

For students and new users who want to learn how to install Moodle, the posts below will help you:

Installing Moodle with Apache2 support

To install Moodle with Apache2 support, please read the post below:

Install Moodle with Nginx HTTP support

If you want to run Moodle with Nginx support instead, the post below will help you:

That’s it!

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