MODX Revolution 2.6.2 Released — Here’s How to Install on Ubuntu

MODX, a powerful open source content management system that powers many websites and blogs online has just been updated with a new release. This new patch release fixes a number of bugs and offers a few enhancements to the system.

We’ve shown students and new users how to install MODX on Ubuntu and those tutorials should apply to Ubuntu 16.04 / 17.10 and 18.04. These are standard tutorials that should work on current and future versions of Ubuntu.

For more about this release, please visit their announcement page.

Here are some of the highlights that was introduced with this release:

  • Display context name and key in Context drop-down
  • Only save properties modified from the default for an element in Property Sets
  • Replace usages of each() to avoid deprecated warnings in PHP 7.2
  • Prevent adding ./ to file path when in the root of a media source
  • Fix an error with the getonline processor on systems with only_full_group_by sql_mode
  • Prevent logging errors for comments or empty tags
  • Prevent HTTP headers from being overwritten in modRest
  • Fix error sending messages to wrong recipients in the message processor
  • Stop posting extra data on package install request
  • Add missing events permission to Administrator policy on new installs
  • Select the correct media source when editing a static element
  • Fix the setup language being reset to English in the last step
  • Fix incorrect view link after changing the resource URL
  • Fix silent fail on login without manager access
  • Fix incorrect media source being used on image TVs when creating a new resource in a different context

Below are tutorials on installing MODX on either Ubuntu with MariaDB and Apache2 or Ubuntu with MariaDB and Nginx web server.

MODX on Ubuntu with Apache2, MariaDB and PHP

To install MODX on Ubuntu with Apache2, MariaDB and PHP, read the post below. it’s a great place to start when you’re deciding to run websites and blogs powered by MODX

MODX on Ubuntu with Nginx, MariaDB and PHP

Alternatively, you can run MODX with Nginx, MariaDB and PHP. the post below should help you get MODX running with Nginx webserver.

Keep reading our easy-to-follow tutorials for more on other content management systems and how to install them on Ubuntu


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