Make Google Search Default in Microsoft Edge Browser

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Microsoft’s new Edge browser has Bing as its default search engine, but it’s easy to switch to Google or other search engines. This brief tutorial shows new users and students how to easily switch Microsoft Edge browser search engine to Google.

The new Edge browser no longer uses the tactics used in Internet Explorer when switching search providers by installing their plugins. Edge provides an easy way to change the default search provider from its browser settings panels.

To make Google the default search engine in Edge browser, follow the steps below:

Step 1:  Get Google Search Engine in Edge

To switch to Google Search Engine in Microsoft Edge browser, open Edge and select the options menu button as shown in the image below. then scroll down select Settings.

edge google search

When the settings panel opens, scroll download and click “View advanced settings” as shown in the image below.

microsoft edge google search

Next, scroll down the advanced settings panel and you’ll see just below “Search in the address bar with” a button that reads, Change search engine as shown in the image below.

change edge search engine.

After that, you should see a list of available search providers. Select Google Search from the list and click Set as default. Google search engine is listed, however, other providers might not be. If the search provider you want isn’t in the list, you should visit the provider’s site and see instructions on now to switch in Egde.

After switching to Google search as the default provider, you should be able to type search queries into Edge’s address bar to search.

This is how to switch to Google search in Microsoft Edge.


This post shows students and new users how to easily switch to Google search as the default provider in Microsoft Edge browser. By default, Bing is Edge default search engine provider.

Students and new users can use this post to easily switch to another provider. If the provider you wish to switch to isn’t available in the list, you may want to visit the provider’s search page to see instructions on switching.

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