How to Improve LibreOffice Suite Performance

Something you probably already know and this is, LibreOffice suite is a free and powerful open source office productivity software. It has clean a interface, is feature-rich and does almost everything Microsoft Office can do.

For those who can’t afford Microsoft Office can certainly install this free office office productivity tool to carry on their work.

This brief tutorial shows students and new users ways to improve LibreOffice performance by increasing its internal memory (RAM) the software uses to operate. The more memory available for LibreOffice the better it functions.

When you increase LibreOffice RAM it runs faster and makes working with documents easier. Another good reason to increasing its memory is to allow more undo steps. The undo feature allows you to undo changes and the more memory available, the more steps that can be saved.

And if a document contains lots of images more memory will be required to work with it efficiently. These are some of the good reasons to increase LibreOffice internal memory.

To increase the internal memory for LibreOffice, follow the steps below:

Open LibreOffice suite and and go to Tools –> Options the scroll to the memory page as shown in the image below. Typically you want to double the current memory value for:

  • Memory per object
  • Number of objects

.. Make sure you also have enough system memory to accommodate the increase.

You also want to check the box to load LibreOffice during system start-up

libreoffice ubuntu memory

When you’re done, click OK to save.

It also won’t hurt to increase the internal memory that LibreOffice uses. Typically increase to 512MB or more if your system has enough memory. Save your changes and reload LibreOffice and you’re done.


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