How to Update Your Favorite Web Browsers

Student lesson 44 assignment: How do you update Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer?

Gone are the days when there was only one major web browser on ninety percent of the computers. Internet Explorer was king in those days.

Now you we have Google Chrome, Firefox Internet Explorer and many others. These three browsers make up the make up the lion share of all browsers in used today.

The question many new users and students ask is: how do I upgrade or update my browsers?

This brief tutorial shows you how to update Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer on your computers.

Updating Google Chrome

Google Chrome has become the best web browser IMO. Whether I’m on a Windows, Mac or Linux system, I’m always using Google Chrome. It fast, lightweight and allows me to browse the web with ease.

To update Google Chrome web browser, go to Option button (Menu) and select it. Then navigate to Help –> About Google Chrome

updating google chrome

As soon as your open the About Google Chrome page, it automatically begin downloading new versions if they’re available.

This is basically the same process that applies to all web browsers. They are configured to automatically download and install updates in the background. However, to instantly upgrade, go to the about page for the browser.

Updating Firefox web browser

Firefox is the default web browser in most Linux systems. However, that may be changing soon.

Firefox is also used by even more users on Windows and Mac systems. These users prefer Firefox over Chrome and IE.

To upgrade Firefox, and go to the top right coner and click the Option Menu then select Help as shown in the image below.

update firefox browser

Next click About Firefox

about firefox upgrade

Doing that takes you to About Firefox page. Once there Firefox automatically begin downloading new versions when they’re available. After downloading and installing the updates, you’re prompted to restart your browser.

restart firefox upgrade

That’s how one upgrade or update Firefox.

Updating Internet Explorer

Starting with Internet Explorer 11, you can now choose to have IE download install updates automatically.

To enable IE to automatically download and install updates, click IE Option Gear (button) and click About Internet Explorer.

update internet explorer

On the About Internet Explorer page, click the box to allow IE to download and install updates automatically.

update IE automatically

That’s it!

The bottom line is most web browsers in used today probably follow these same process. They will allow you to update by browsing to the About page of the browser.

Hope this helps you learn how to upgrade your browser. Thanks for reading and hope you come back soon.

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