How to Use MySQL Wizard in cPanel to Create Databases

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This brief tutorial shows students and new users how to use cPanel MySQL Database wizard to create WordPress databases.

Few days ago we showed students and new users how to create MySQL WordPress databases via cPanel. We also mentioned in that post that cPanel was developed to help new users and beginners manage websites and domains easily.

Advanced users can use Linux and the command line terminal to manage servers and other complicated setups. However, for students just starting out managing websites, cPanel should be the way to go.

Creating and managing cPanel databases via cPanel is easy. There are two ways to do this. One way is using cPanel MySQL database portal to create and manage databases.

The next is using cPanel MySQL database wizard to create new databases. This brief tutorial shows you how to use cPanel MySQL database wizard to create databases easily.

Below is our previous post on creating databases via Cpanel.

In most cases when creating a MySQL database you will also to create a database user and give that account privileges to manage the databases.

The process is, you first you create the database, then create an account and grant access to the account to manage the database.

MySQL wizard makes this process easy.

Step 1: Creating MySQL databases using the wizard

In Cpanel, navigate to the databases section and select MySQL Database Wizard

cpanel mysql database wizard

On the next page, create a new database name. The name will be preceded by your host account username

create mysql database cpanel

When you’re done, click the Next Step button. When you do that, the system will successfully add the new database and shows you the name of the new database.

On the next page, you’ll prompted to create a new database user. Type the database user and password. Then click Create User button.


After the database user is successfully added, the next page lets you give the user account privileges to manage the database.

On that page, you way want to give the user full access by checking the ALL PRIVILEGES box.

cpanel mysql database privileges

After that, you will have successfully created a MySQL database and a database user with password and granted privileges to manage the database using the wizard.

mysql cpanel databases

That’s it! If you configuring WordPress, you’ll use the database name and user to setup WordPress configurations.

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