How to Create VMware Workstation Guest Machines

This brief tutorial shows students and new users how to create VMware Workstation guest machines.

Not very long ago we showed you how to create virtual guest machines on VirtualBox. Like VirtualBox, VMware Workstation Pro is a virtualization software that allows you to run multiple virtual guest machines from a single host computer.

We also wrote that students who want to become IT professionals should invest in obtaining a copy of VirtualBox, VMware Workstation Pro or VMware Player.

These three virtualization software are power players in the virtual software space and if you’re serious about IT, you should definitely obtain copies.

This brief tutorial is going to show you how to create your first guest machine using VMware Workstation.

Step 1: Prerequisites

Your first step in creating virtual guest machines using VMware Workstation Pro is to first install the host software.

VMware workstation Pro isn’t free but worth the cost and serious IT pros should get a copy. To learn how to install VMware Workstation Pro, please read the post below:

Step 2: Creating your first guest machine on VMware Workstation

Now that you have installed VMware Workstation Pro, go and start creating virtual guest machines.

To do that, open the software and navigate to File –> New Virtual Machine. Or click ‘Create a New Virtual Machine‘ on the home screen as shown below.

vmware workstation pro guest machines

Using the wizard, select the Typical configuration. For advanced users, choose custom (advanced) option.

vmware workstation pro typical configuration

Virtual machine is like physical computer; it needs an operation system. If you have a disc with the OS on it, select Install from installer disc. For ISO images, you can choose to install from ISO image file.

I personally like to install the operating system later after creating the virtual machine.

vmware workstation pro disc os

Next, choose the guest operating system you’d like to install from the option shown.


Next, provide a name and location for the guest machine.

vmware workstation ubuntu

Next, select the storage capacity and option to store the file as shown below:

vmware workstation pro ubuntu disk

Next, click Finish to complete the wizard

vmware workstation creation

After creating the guest virtual machine, select CD/DVD (SATA) to open the settings page. Then choose the installation source (Physical CD/DVD drive or ISO image file)

vmware workstation os

When you’re done, click Power on this virtual machine

start vmware workstation pro

That’s it! This is how one creates a new virtual guest machine with VMware Workstation Pro.


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