Building Your First WordPress Blog via cPanel

quickly install wordpress on ubuntu

Students lesson 24 assignment: How do you build a WordPress blog?

Many webmasters and blog owners across the globe use WordPress to run their professional websites. If you’re a student, you can join the party and build your own WordPress website for little or nothing.

Yesterday, we showed you how to create a free web host account to host your content. A free host account allows students to try out building websites without spending a dime. It is a cost effective way to start a WordPress website.

This brief tutorial will continue from our previous post on getting a free account to host your website.

Believe it, majority of the websites and blogs you see online today are hosted by third-party hosting providers. You can host your own websites from your own servers, but the cost associated with that makes it unappealing.

That’s why website and blog owners go to web hosting providers to help them host their content mostly for a fee.

So, this tutorial will show you how to build your first WordPress website or blog using the free hosting account we wrote about few days ago.

Step 1: Prerequisites

Your first step in building a WordPress website is to get a web hosting provider. Since we’ve already shown you how to get one, use that to get a host for free. To read our previous tutorial on that, click below:

Step 2: Creating WordPress blog via Cpanel

After your account has been created and approved, logon and browse to the Web Applications section.

When you’re there, WordPress application icon to begin the installation. If you don’t see WordPress icon right away, click the view more link highlighted below to show more hidden applications

WordPress blogs via Cpanel

Using this built-in application, you will be able to easily create a WordPress website automatically.

On the WordPress install page, click the button that reads “install this application

WordPress blog install via cpanel

Next, you’ll find an overview of WordPress, What’s new about WordPress and showcases of what can be accomplished with WordPress.

When you’re ready, click the Install this application button to begin.

Step 3: Installing WordPress via Cpanel

After you clicked the install this application button, the wizard takes you to the configuration page. This is the page you specify the installation location, WordPress version to install, language, option to automatically update WordPress, administrator username and password.

If this is your first blog, the default location settings should be fine. The domain name is selected and directory is left blank.

WordPress installation location via Cpanel

On the Version section of the page, accept the recommended settings. This will install the latest version of WordPress. Next enable select to upgrade to any new version, update plugins automatically and update WordPress theme automatically.

WordPress setting for cpanel blogs

Finally, select the administrator username and password, the website title  and other options. When done, click Install.

cpanel wordpress administrator settings

Wait a few and your brand new WordPress blog will be installed and ready to show the WordPress.

To logon as WordPress administrator, go to your website they type /wp-admin. Example would be

Type the username and password you create and login.

That’s it!

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