Put Ubuntu Launcher at the Bottom

Student lesson 2: This tutorial shows students how to move Ubuntu launcher to the bottom the screen like Windows systems.

Our tutorials have always been simple to read and understand. New and old students fine them appealing.

One long awaited feature that was recently released on Ubuntu is the ability to move Unity launcher to the bottom of the screen.

Unlike Windows task bar, Ubuntu Unity launcher has always been at the left of the screen. Most people preferred the launcher to be at the bottom of the screen.

Previous version of Ubuntu also didn’t allow the launcher to be moved around much, especially at the bottom. Well, now you can do it.

However, at the time of this writing, the launcher couldn’t be moved to the top or the right side of the screen. Your only options are the left and the bottom.

Moving Unity Launcher to the bottom

To move the launcher to the bottom, copy and paste the command below.

gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Launcher launcher-position Bottom

That’s it! Wait a few seconds and the launcher should move to the bottom of your screen.

Moving Unity Launcher back to the left

By default, the launcher has always been to the left on Unity. If you prefer to go back to the default position, copy and paste the commands below.

gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Launcher launcher-position Left

This is how you do it if you didn’t already know.

Again, the launcher can not be moved to the top or the right position.

move ubuntu launcher to the bottom

Hope you find that interesting and if you do, please come back for more of our easy to read tutorials.

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