Kirby CMS 3.0 Released — Here’s How to Install / Upgrade on Ubuntu 16.04 | 18.04

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Kirby, a flat file content management system (CMS) that helps you create beautiful websites and apps has recently been updated to version 3.0 with boat load of changes and improvements.

For over two (2) years of development, this release is a big and major version that brings a new panel, sections & tabs, better user management, draft and custom publishing workflow, a new plugin system and many more.

If you run Kirby CMS and haven’t upgraded, you may want to do so now. With this version, you can mix file-based content with content from pretty much any other data source. Databases, APIs, spreadsheets, or anything else that’s somehow parsable by PHP.

For more about this release, please visit its release page.Below is a list of notable features added to this release;

  • A new Panel – new control Panel built on top of Vue that allows you to build unique custom interfaces
  • Sections & Tabs – with native tabs you can go even further and create incredibly clean and usable editing environments for your editors.
  • User account management – Users get a huge upgrade and can have their own files, fields and the same flexible section features of pages
  • Vue.js UI kit – The Panel is built on top of our own Vue UI kit
  • Better fields – More powerful structures, related pages, files
  • Draft & Custom Publishing Workflow – page states give you maximum control over your workflow, from drafts over unreviewed to published pages.
  • New Plugin System – entire plugin system and built a more reliable and consistent environment for lots of new plugin types.

If you haven’t installed Kirby before, two posts show you how to do it on Ubuntu with Apache2 or Nginx HTTP support.

Installing Kirby CMS with Apache2 Support

For those who want to learn how to install Kirby on Ubuntu, the link below should be a great place to start.

Installing Kirby CMS with Nginx HTTP Support

If you rather run Kirby with Nginx support, then click the link below:

Upgrading Kirby

If you already have Kirby installed and you wish to upgrade, then follow the link below to a new help site that shows you how to easily upgrade to version 3.0

Kirby 3 now requires PHP 7.1+. Please check if your server supports this PHP version before upgrading.

That’s it!

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