Joomla 3.8.8 is Now Available.. Here’s how to Install / Upgrade on Ubuntu 16.04 | 17.10 | 18.04

Joomla 3.8.8 is now available to install or upgrade your existing Joomla site… this is a security release which addresses 9 security vulnerabilities, contains over 50 bug fixes, and includes various security related improvements…

If you’re currently running a website powered by Joomla, it’s recommended that you upgrade to the latest version soon, if not immediately… Many of the security issues dicovered are considered low to moderate priority… so no big threats for now… but you should probably upgrade anyway..

This brief post shows students and new users how to install or upgrade Joomla to the latest released version easily… If you don’t already have websites powered by Joomla, then use the steps below to install a new site with Joomla.

Below are list of security fixes included in the release.. these security updates apply to all previous versions of Joomla up to 3.8.7

  • Low Priority  – Core – ACL violation in access levels
  • Low Priority –  Core – Add phar files to the upload blacklist
  • Moderate Priority –  Core – Information Disclosure about unpublished tags
  • Low Priority –  Core – Installer leaks plain text password to local user
  • Moderate Priority –  Core – XSS Vulnerabilities & additional hardening
  • Low Priority – Core – Filter field in com_fields allows remote code execution
  • Low Priority – Core – Session deletion race condition
  • Low Priority – Core – Possible XSS attack in the redirect method
  • Low Priority – Core – XSS vulnerability in the media manager

Step 1: Upgrade Joomla

If you have an existing Joomla website, then step 1 is all you need… but before upgrading, make sure to backup your site.. That’s very important.

There are many components available to help you backup  your site…

The recommended way to update installations of Joomla! is to use the Joomla Updater component found in the Components menu of your site Administrator…

Depending on your site settings, if an update is available there will be a message indicating this and a button to press to upgrade…

Joomla Update Ubuntu

Click Install the Update button to begin the installation… If everything is right, your site should successfully update to the latest version..

joomla ubuntu update

That’s how to upgrade Joomla…

Step 2: Install Joomla CMS

If you don’t already have Joomla installed, then you will  have to install a new site… We’ve shown you how to do that on Ubuntu with Apache2 and Nginx webservers…

Installing Joomla with Apache2 webserver

Installing Joomla with Nginx webserver

After the steps above, your site shoiuld be running the latest version of Joomla.. Again, you can always come back here to learn how to manage your Joomla site.


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