Installing VMware Workstation Pro on Ubuntu 17.04

Recently we’ve been posting tutorials on virtualization software including VirtualBox. We’ve shown students and new users steps to get VirtualBox on Ubuntu as well as on Windows computers. Those tutorials were received very well by our audience, so we decided to write a post on installing VMware Workstation 12 Pro on Ubuntu systems.

Like VirtualBox, VMware Workstation Pro allows users to run multiple independent guest operating systems from a single computer. When you install VMware Workstation software, you can then run other operating systems like Windows 10, Fedora Linux, Mac OS inside of the VMware software.

The concert is the same as VirtualBox which we have written about here. Unlike like VirtualBox, VMware Workstation 12 Pro is not free of charge. You must pay to continue using it after the free 30-day trial expires.

Although VMware Workstation will cost you a little, it’s great tool to have, especially for IT professionals or those planning to be IT pros. The cost is nothing compare to what you can do and how you use VMware Workstation Pro.

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When you’re ready to install VMware Workstation, continue below:

Step 1: Prepare Ubuntu

Before installing VMware Workstation on Ubuntu, run the commands below to update Ubuntu. This commands will fully update Ubuntu remove obsolete packages from your system.

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade && sudo apt-get autoremove

Step 2: Download VMware Workstation Package

Now that Ubuntu is updated, go to the download page below and get VMware Workstation package.

Download VMware Workstation

You must have an account before you’ll be allowed to download the installer package. If you don’t already have an account, please create one and continue.

When you’re logged in, go to Download and select the Linux package to download. Your browser will prompt you to save the file. Please save in the Downloads folder.

vmware workstation installation ubuntu

Step 3: Installing VMware Workstation Pro

Now that the file is downloaded, run the commands below to make it executable. In its default state, you won’t be able to install the software.. You must change its permissions to be allowed to install it. To do that, run the commands below.

Assuming the file was downloaded to your Downloads folder in your home directory, run the commands below to make it executable.

sudo chmod +x ~/Downloads/VMware-Workstation-Full-12*

After that, run the commands below to kick the installation

sudo ~/Downloads/VMware-Workstation-Full-12*.bundle

The installation wizard should get started after agreeing to the licensing terms.

vmware workstation installation

Next, select Yes when asked to check for product updates on started. If you don’t want that, click No.

Next, accept the username that will be used to connect. The wizard will select your account name by default.. accept it and continue.

vmware workstation pro

Next, accept the default location of the virtual machines. You can change it to another location, but the default should work just fine.

vmware workstation pro install

Next, accept the default port number to access Workstation server and continue.

vmware workstation

When you’re ready, click Install to finish the installation.

Finally, after the installation, open Unity Dash and search for, then launch VMware Workstation.

vmware Workstation dashboard

That’s it! The system is ready to use. All you need now is sources of guest operating systems to install.


This post shows you how to install VMware Workstation on Ubuntu systems, particularly Ubuntu 17.04. For IT professionals, this is a great too to have.. although it cost a little over $100, you should buy to create your own labs with multiple independent operating systems.. without the additional of separate hardware.

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