Installing New VirtualBox Ubuntu 16.04 | 17.10 | 18.04 Guest Machines

I had to install a fresh copy of Ubuntu guest machine on VirtualBox today after receiving my updated laptop running Windows 10 enterprise… This process is basically the same as before, but for new users and students, they may find it a little bit confusing..

This brief tutorial show students and new users how to install a fresh copy of VirtualBox guest machine running Ubuntu desktop.. This desktop can be a Ubuntu 16.04 / 17.10 or 18.04… it doesn’t matter the steps should work on all of them…

Before continuing, make sure that you’ve installed VirtualBox software on the host computer… For me, I installed ViritualBox software on my Windows 10 computer… When you’re done installing VirtualBox, create a blank guest machine and install Ubuntu on it..

Then follow the steps below to complete the setup

Step 1: Install VirtualBox

If you haven’t already installed VirtualBox host software, use the guide below to install it on Windows computers… If you have a Ubuntu host, the process is a bit different.. but search our site to learn how to install it on Ubuntu host machine..

Step 2: Install VirtualBox Guest Additions

Now that VirtualBox software is installed on the host computer and a new guest machine created… use the steps below to configure the Ubuntu guest machine… Your goals to have the Ubuntu guest machine function properly…

First, select the Ubuntu guest machine and click Settings as shown below

Ubuntu virtualbox guest machine

Next, on the General Pane, select Advanced and enable Bidirectional shared clipboard and Drag’n’Drop

Save and close out.

Next, Start the Ubuntu virtual guest machine and logon to the desktop… press Ctrl — Alt — Delete on your keyboard to open the command line terminal… when it opens, run the commands below to install these packages.

sudo apt install gcc make perl

After installing the above packages on the Ubuntu desktop, go to Device on the virtual machine menu and select Insert Guest Additions CD image as shown below

Ubuntu virtual guest machine install

Then virtual guest machine should mount a virtual CD/DVD image and begin to run… click Run to begin the installation.. If the wizard doesn’t start automatically, double click the CD image on the desktop to begin

ubuntu virtual machine

That should automatically install the guest addtions tool for the guest machine to function properly… after that, restart the guest machine… and you’re done….

That’s it! You can now begin using the guest machine

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