Installing Komodo Edit 10 on Ubuntu 17.04

Komodo Edit is a simple, yet powerful code editor for programmers that provides basic functionality, like editing and writing basic programming codes. It’s more like Notepad++ on Windows systems. If you’re looking for powerful editor on Linux systems, you may want to look at Komodo Edits.

This brief tutorial is going to show you how to install it on Ubuntu 17.04. This post should also apply to previous and future versions of Ubuntu.

For a more advanced version of Komodo, you’ll have to purchase Komodo IDE. It comes with all the power you need to create powerful programs.

When you’re ready to install Komodo Edits, please continue with the steps below:

Step 1: Download Komodo Edits Installer File.

To manually install Komodo Edits, you’ll have to go to its download page and get a copy of the installer. The download page can be found from the link below.

Download Komodo Edits

On the page, download correct arch (32bit or 64bit) for your system. The default download location on Ubuntu systems is in the Downloads folder of your home directory.

Step 2: Installing Komodo Edits

Change into the ~/Downloads folder and extract the downloaded files by running the commands below.

cd ~/Downloads
tar xzvf Komodo-Edit-*.tar.gz

Next, change into the extracted folder and execute the installer command. The automatically expand the extracted folder, type cd Komodo-Edit[then hit the tab key]

cd Komodo-Edit-10.2.2-17703-linux-x86_64/
sudo ./

When prompted during the installation for the installation directory, enter it as shown below.

Enter directory in which to install Komodo. Leave blank and
press 'Enter' to use the default [~/Komodo-Edit-10].
Install directory: /opt/Komodo-Edit-10


Follow the wizard until you’re done with the installation. After the installation, run the commands below to get Komodo Edits environment variable.

export PATH="/opt/Komodo-Edit-10/bin:$PATH"

You’re done. Now go to Ubuntu Unity Dash and lunch the program. When you open Komodo Edit the first time, you’ll be prompted to customize. I’d accept the default and continue.

komodo edit ubuntu

After customizing, begin enjoying Komodo Edit.


This post shows students and new users an easy way to install Komodo Edit on Ubuntu 17.04. Komodo Edit is a great code editor similar to Notepad ++ found on Windows and other operating systems.

When you follow the apply the steps above, in no time you’ll have Komodo Edits fully installed and functioning on Ubuntu.

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