Install Ubuntu 18.10 ( Cosmic Cuttlefish ) Server Today

The new Ubuntu 18.10 ( Cosmic Cuttlefish ) desktop and server versions should be released in a few weeks… But you don’t have to wait, you can install the [BETA] version right now… Before the final version is released, you will have tested it in your environment, at least…

This post shows you how to download, burn and boot Ubuntu server image from an ISO image on a CD/DVD disc or flash drive…

If you have physical server or want to use Ubuntu ISO images to install on a Virtual server, the steps below should help you get started….

Use the link below to download final version of Ubuntu 18.10 ISO image to burn onto a CD/DVD disc or thumb drive….

The continue below to install after downloading the burning the image..

Step 1: Download Ubuntu 18.10 Server ISO Image

Ubuntu 18.10 may only come in 64-bit so you’ll need a computer that support that arch… You’ll also want a server machine that can boot from a CD/DVD or Flash drive as you’re going to be downloading the ISO image only…

There may be other means to get a physical disc or flash drive, but you may have to purchage it…

With your computer ready, go and download Ubuntu 18.10 ISO image from the link below, if you don’t have a physical source…. then burn the image onto a DVD disk or Flash Drive..

When using a Windows machines, you may right-click the ISO image and select Burn disc image as shown in the image below… then choose the DVD drive with a blank DVD disc to burn to…

To burn to a Flash Drive, you may have to take a different route.. there are programs that should be able to help do you do that..

Ubuntu 18.10 server install

After burning the image, transfer the DVD or Flash Drive to the computer you want to install Ubuntu on…

If you’re going to be installing on a virtual server, then just create the virtual machine and mount the ISO image and boot from it…

Ubuntu 18.04 install server

Step 2: Boot and Install Ubuntu Server

When you start up the server machine with Ubuntu ISO image, it should boot up the installation wizard… use the screenshots below to guide you…

Choose your preferred language to use to install Ubuntu…

Ubuntu server install

Then select your keyboard layout for the installation… the default is English (US) and continue

ubuntu server install

After that select Intall Ubuntu

Ubuntu 18.10 server install

On the next screen, select at least one network card to configure… this should automatically install an IP address if there’s a DHCP server in your environment…

Ubuntu server install

Next, choose a proxy adress if there’s one… in most environments, this is not enabled.. so don’t type anything and continue…

ubuntu server install

Then choose to install Ubuntu on the entire disk… this is the easiest method… continue from there.

ubuntu server install

Next, select the disk to use to install on… and continue

ubuntu server install

Confirm the disk and continue… this is going to erase everything on the disk and install Ubuntu

ubuntu server intall

Confirm to delete everything on the disk and install Ubuntu.. after this, you’ll lose anything that was on the disk… so make sure the correct disk is selected and continue..

ubuntu server installation

Then create an account for the server… this will become an administrative account since the root account is not being used… also type the computer and and continue…

Ubuntu 18.10 server install

Wait until the installation is complete… then reboot the server.

ubuntu server install


Ubuntu 18.10 server install

This is how to install Ubuntu server on a physical or virtual machine.

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