Install Ubuntu 17.04 on VMware Workstation

This brief tutorial shows new users and students the first things to do after installing Ubuntu 17.04 on VMware Workstation Pro. Over the past few months, we’ve written tutorials on Ubuntu and VMware Workstation Pro.

Our posts encouraged IT students to by all means acquire a copy of VMware Workstation. It’s a great tool to have especially for students learning to become IT professionals. If you can’t afford VMware Workstation, the least you can do is get the VMware Player or VirtualBox virtualization.

These virtualization software allow users to run multiple independent operating systems (OS) on a single host machine. Each OS runs as if it’s the only one running on the host machine. They’re perfect and you should install at least one of them.

For more about software virtualization, read the post below.

Now that you know a thing or two about VMware Workstation, let’s go and learn what to do the first time you install Ubuntu on a VMware Workstation.

Install VMware Workstation Guest Tools

The first thing to do after installing Ubuntu is to install VMware Workstation guest tools for the guest machine. VMware Workstation has a built-in tool that comes with its software. However, the company is now encouraging users to install the opensource version of the tool.

Then tools allow for better integration of the guest and host machines, improved graphics,  enable drag n’ drop and provide support for many others important features.

It’s recommended to install the tools on all guest machine. The guest machine may not function correctly or efficiently without the guest tools. So, whe you installed Ubuntu, run the commands below to install the opensource guest tools from Ubuntu default repository.

sudo update
sudo apt-get install open-vm-tools-desktop

After installing the tools, restart the guest machine and you’re set. You may also want to run the commands below to update Ubuntu for the first time.

sudo apt-get
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade && sudo apt-get autoremove

Those are the commands you’ll want to run on all Ubuntu guest machines for VMware Workstation host.

You may also want to auto fit the guest machine. To do that, from VMware Workstation host software, click on View –> Autosize –> Autofit Guest

vmware workstation ubuntu 17.04

These are the first things to do after installing Ubuntu on VMware Workstation software.


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