How to Upgrade to Ubuntu 19.04 (Disco Dingo) Desktop Today

For students and new users looking for help upgrading to Ubuntu 19.04 (Disco Dingo), the steps below should be a great place to start…. Disco Dingo will be released on April 18th, 2019… (as of this writing, that’s tomorrow) so if you want to learn how to upgrade, you’re in the right place..

For those running Ubuntu 18.04 and want to upgrade, they may be disappointed to know that they can’t, at least not directly…

From Ubuntu 18.04, you first must upgrade to 18.10 before finally upgrading to 19.04..

Since today is April 17th (at the time of this writing), in a few hours, simply follow the steps below to successfully upgrade to Ubuntu 19.04 from 18.04 or 18.10..

This brief tutorial shows students and new users who want to learn how upgrade Ubuntu 18.10 to the latest 19.04 Disco Dingo!

Step 1: Setup Ubuntu Desktop for Upgrade

Before upgrading Ubuntu desktop, make sure to update all currently installed packages to the latest versions…. This can easily done via Ubuntu’s Software Updater app…

To update Ubuntu desktop, open Ubuntu’s Activities Overview and search for Software Updater… then select it to open.

Ubuntu software updater

When Software Updater opens, you may get a prompt to update all packages that are available to be updated… Continue to update all packages if they’re available…

Upgrade ubuntu 19.04

When you’re done, re-open Software Updater and you should see that the computer is up to date….

Step 2: Upgrade to Ubuntu 19.04 from 18.10

Now that your desktop is updated, continue to upgrading to Ubuntu 19.04…. Follow the steps below to get it done..

First, open Ubuntu Activities Overview again, this time you’ll want to search for Software & Updates… and select to open

Ubuntu upgrade to 19.04

When it opens, select the Updates tab and validate that Notify me of a new Ubuntu version is set For any new version… If not, select it and save your changes and close out..

For non-LTS versions, which Ubuntu 18.04 is, you must change the update notifications for any new release version as well.. For Ubuntu LTS editions must change to this in order to upgrade to the next non-LTS versions..

Ubuntu 19.04 upgrade

After changing Ubuntu upgrade notification settings, press Alt + F2 on your keyboard to open the run command box… this box allows you to run Ubuntu commands… when it opens, type the commands below to press Enter.

The -c option with the update-manager command checks for distribution upgrade from the latest supported version…

update-manager -c

If you can’t open the command window by pressing Alt + F2, open the command terminal console or press Ctrl + Alt + T and run the command above…

If want to upgrade to the development version prior to the final version being released, you can run the commands below with the -d option..

update-manager -d

The -d option with the update-manager command allows you to upgrade to the development release from the latest supported release…

Generally speaking you shouldn’t upgrade to 19.04 pre-release version.. The pre-release version is still in development and may not be suitable for production environment..

After that, it should see a notification that Ubuntu 19.04 is now available…. Click the Upgrade… button to begin the upgrade wizard….

When everything is ready, click the Start Upgrade button

Depending on the speed of your Internet, this process may take few minutes to a couple of hours….. after Ubuntu desktop is upgraded, you should be able to restart and start using the new Ubuntu!


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