How to Turn Off Password Protected Sharing in Windows 11

This post shows students and new users steps to enable or disable password protected sharing when using Windows 11. Windows 11 comes with password protected sharing on by default. This allows for shared resources to be accessed by only those who have accounts with username and password on the system.

With password protected sharing on, only account holders on your computer can access shared files and folders, printers, and the public folders. This is a security feature. However, you can turn this off so anyone who is connected to the same network is able to access shared folders and resources.

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To get started with turning On or Off password protected sharing in Windows 11, follow the steps below:

How to disable password protected sharing in Windows 11

As mentioned above, password protected sharing is enabled by default in Windows 11. With this enabled, only people who have accounts on the computer will be able to access shared files, printers and other resources.

To give other people access to shared resources, you’ll need to turn off password protected sharing, and the steps below show you how.

To enable this, click on the Start menu, then search for “Manage advanced sharing settings“, select relevant result as highlighted.

windows 11 advanced sharing settings

When Advanced sharing settings pane opens, click the arrow to expand All networks.

windows 11 advanced sharing settings pane

There, select the option to “Turn off password protected sharing” as highlighted below. Then click Save changes.

windows 11 turn off password protected sharing

That should do it!

How to turn on password protected sharing in Windows 11

If you change you mind about enabling password protected sharing above, simply go and reverse the steps above by selecting the Start menu ==> and searching for “Manage advanced sharing settings“, then expanding All networks, and selecting to “Turn on password protected sharing

windows 11 turn on password protected sharing

That should do it!

Now when you enable file and printer sharing in Windows, other users who have no accounts on the system should be able to see and access the shares as long as the resources are shared with everyone.


This post showed you how to enable or disable password protected sharing in Windows 11. If you find any error above, please use the comment form below to report.


  1. I really wish it were that simple. It certainly SAYS that’s what’s going to happen and anyone would think its pretty straight forward, but its Microsoft, there’s gonna be issues….I’m sitting here staring at 2 of my pcs on my home network that are configured exactly how you just described ( I already had done this , I came to your page thinking maybe you might have a different way) and both pcs just asked me for credentials… Yes I rebooted after changing the setting. I’ve been to services.msc and turn on several of those functions (from manual to automatic).I’ve used the Permissions tab and gave Everyone full access…Its just a shame. I’ve fought this battle for years now it seems. We will get it working then BAM Microsoft shoots out an update and were back to the 90’s.
    Good Luck Bro,

    1. Same here…..Got a Win10 computer that the Win11 computer CAN see and access everything with instructions above. Win 10 computer can NOT access the win 11 computer shared file without it asking for PW. I did everything listed above before coming here as well. Does not work.

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