How to Setup Local Printer on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

After Ubuntu 18.04 LTS was released, I decided to install for testing purposes. the steps below is how I got to install local printers on my desktop. if you need to get yours configured, the guide below should be a great place to start.

Ubuntu and Linux as a whole have come a long way. Now Ubuntu desktops can recognize many printer brands when connected and install their drivers automatically. Since most printers are connected using a USB connection, it’s becoming much easier to install printers on Ubuntu and other Linux operating systems.

This brief tutorial is going to show students and new users how to install a local printer on Ubuntu 18.04 desktop via USB connection. When the printer is connected and setup correctly, you will be able to print directly from Ubuntu to the installed printer.

Ubuntu has made installing a local and network printers easier by putting the installation wizard on the same windows. Previously, installing a network printer was separate page.

Follow the steps below to get a local printer connected and installed on Ubuntu

  • Make sure the printer is turned on when you connect the USB cable to the Ubuntu desktop.

  • When the printer is connected, you may see activity on the screen as the system searches for drivers, and you may be asked to authenticate by typing your password to install them.

  • A message will appear when the system is finished installing the printer. Select Print Test Page to print a test page, or Options to make additional changes in the printer setup.

If the above step didn’t work and Ubuntu is unable to install the printer, follow the step below.

  • Open the Activities at the top left corner of your screen and select overview and start typing Printers.

  • Click Printers from the overview display

  • Click the Unlock button in the top-right corner and enter your password to authenticate. Only administrators on the Ubuntu machine can add printers. If you’re not an administrator, please contact one.

  • Click the + button.

  • In the pop-up window, select your new printer. Click Add.

ubuntu installing local printer

Doing this will install your printer on Ubuntu.

If you are still unable to install your printer, then you may have to install the printer drivers from the manufacturer website.

Congratulation! You’ve successfully installed a local printer on Ubuntu 18.04 desktop


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  1. I did a fresh ubuntu 18.04 install on a new desktop, plugged in a USB HP Laserjet MFP M277dw and nothing occurred. I opened Activities, hit ADD, and only a CUPS driver was found. I see HPLIP folder with files is on my system and my printer is listed in the data file, but I’m not sure how to run HPLIP.

  2. I have just upgraded to 18.04. Laptop: Toshiba portege. 64 bits
    But the printer a Canon pixma TS3100 serie didn’t follow.
    As I’m not too good with all the commandes in the terminal,
    Downloaded drivers from canon and pressed on add printer. install this one and a cups gutenberg printer.
    When I tried to print. Nothing happened. message : printing stopped. no reason.

    tried to put in another priner driver called turboprint_2.46-1_amd64.deb.
    test page printed nicely out but that was all.

    Reinstalled the cups drivers and deleted the printers.

    Result : the 18.04 comes up with message when I go to printers :
    the system printing service doesn’t seem to be available.

    Now nothing seems to work anymore with printers and of course the sane scanner function doesn’t find the scanner (printer)

    How to proceed ?? Any suggestions ?
    I’ve tried the web for two days now but still stuck with no printing service in the 18.04.

  3. Yep I regret upgrading to 18.04 Printer not working too, and no drivers can be found for a Brother HL-2132
    it the most basic printer I could find, and has worked for years!

    No Idea how to fix.

  4. Working with turbodriver but only wifi connection. Very importent is to set language from English (usa) to English (uk) in Libre office. To obtain A4 paper pages..

  5. Ubuntu and it’s All flowers “lubuntu” Kubuntu”Xubuntu Can not find and can not download and can not install drivers for Samsung SL-M2070 FW Xpress printer
    and much more latest printers,Ubuntu ‘s generic drivers for latest printers are useless

  6. Ubuntu and it’s All flowers “lubuntu” Kubuntu”Xubuntu Can not install drivers for Samsung SL-M2070 FW Xpress printer
    and much more latest printers,Ubuntu ‘s generic drivers for latest printers are useless

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