How to Make Windows 11 PC Boot Fast

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This post shows students and new users how to make Windows 11 computer to startup fast especially for older PCs.

The new Windows 11 comes with many new and wonderful features with refreshing new graphical interface, including centered Start menu and taskbar, rounded corners windows, themes and colors that makes the OS look more modern and cohesive.

If your new Windows 11 computer is not starting up quickly there may be a reason for that. When you turn on your PC, some programs start up automatically and run in the background. If there are many of these programs, your computer may boot slowly.

This post shows you how to disable some of there programs from starting up automatically so they don’t slow down your computer. Many of these programs are designed start up and run background so they can open up quickly when you need to use them.

This is helpful in many cases for programs you use a lot, however, those that you don’t use regularly, you can disable so they don’t slow down the time it takes for Windows to start.

To get started with making Windows booting up fast, follow the steps below.

One quick way to find out some of the programs that starts up automatically is by looking at the notification area. If there are lots of icons there, then it means, a lot of applications are starting up automatically.

windows 11 hiden icon area

Disable Startup Programs

To stop some programs from starting up automatically, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys on your keyboard, then select Task Manager to open.

windows 11 task manager

Once Task Manager opens, click More Details in the lower-left corner, then select Startup tab.

windows 11 startup programs 1

To stop a program from starting automatically, select the program, then select Disable.

windows 11 startup program disable

For more details about the program you want to disable, right-click it on the list, then select Search online for details. Do no disable programs that are important to Windows.

windows 11 disable startup programs

Searching for details of programs and apps online will help you decide whether a program is useful or not to startup automatically.

Once you’re done disabling programs that are automatically starting up, restart your PC to see if performance has improved. If performance has not improved and your PC is still starting up slowly, you might want to run antivirus or anti-malware software to scan your computer.


This post showed you how to improve Windows startup performance by disabling some startup programs that you don’t use regularly. If you find any error above, please use the comment form below to report.

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