How to Install Google Site Kit Plugin [Beta] on WordPress

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Pretty soon you’ll only need a single plugin to include Google Analytics, Search Console, PageSpeed Insights and AdSense code and scripts on your WordPress sites.

No need for separate and individual code and script from each of these Google products.

Google Site Kit lets you add scripts and verification code from four different Google products, at least for now. Instead of adding Google Analytics script, Search Console verification code, AdSense tags and PageSpeed metrics tags individually in your header.php file, simply install Site Kit to include all these different products at once.

After installing the plugin, a dashboard displays how well your site is doing with these various Google tools, such as Search Console, Analytics, AdSense, and PageSpeed Insights.

This is going to be a very popular plugin on WordPress plugins dashboard.

This brief tutorial shows you how to install and setup Site Kit on WordPress powered websites and blogs.

As of now, the tool is still in beta and available to developers to test out. It won’t stop you from installing if you want to. However, I’d recommend not to install it on your production websites.

The developer preview announced today includes the following features:

  • Seamless site verification with Search Console
  • Provisioning and configuration of Analytics, AdSense, Tag Manager and Optimize
  • Simple aggregate and per-page reporting from Search Console, Analytics, and AdSense, to help you understand the full acquisition and monetization funnel
  • Continuous site performance auditing and monitoring with PageSpeed Insights
  • Insights we derive from across the products you’ve connected and surface on your dashboard, to help you make sense of the stats

Site Kit is available to download right here, and its project GitHub repository.

Download the .zip file to your computer. then go to your WordPress dashboard and upload it. It should be a straightforward process. like like uploading and installing any standard WordPress plugin.

After uploading, click the Activate to make the plugin usable. Once done, you should get a welcome page on how to set it up.

Google Site Kit WordPress

To complete the setup, it will help if you’re familiar with Google Cloud Platform and OAuth.

Google Site Kit Setup

Click on Google Cloud Platform OAuth link to generate your Client ID for your site. Copy and paste the code and authenticate.

Google Site Kit Install

Next, verify your URL, connect Search Console and finish the setup.

Once you’re done, Google will begin to discover and render your pages in Search Console, display how users are navigating across your sites via Google Analytics, begin to display AdSense ads if you have units installed and see how your pages perform compared to other real-world with PageSpeed Insights.

That should do it!

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