How to Disable WordPress Comments Notifications

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This post shows you how to turn off or disable WordPress comments notifications on your blogs.

By design, WordPress notifies the site’s administrator via email everytime a comment is left on the site. For webmasters and site administrators, this can be annoying at times.

If your site is new and don’t have appropriate settings to block spammers and others, this can be extremely frustrating. Students and new users who are starting out with WordPress will find this post handy and helpful.

WordPress allows this feature to alert you of new comments so that you can respond and increase user engagement. This is a great way to start a blog to engage your readers.

However, as your blog grows, these notifications maybe become overwhelming and may hamper your focus and you may have to turn off or disable notifications everytime a comment is left for you.

Turning off notifications will allow you to respond at your choosing.

To get started with disabling comment notifications, follow the steps below:

To do that login to your WordPress admin area and go to Settings » Discussion page. From here, scroll down to ‘Email me whenever’ section where you will see these two checkbox options:

  • Anyone posts a comment
  • A comment is held for moderation

Uncheck the two boxes below and save your changes.

WordPress disable comments

Save your changes and you’re done!

After the changes above, your blog should still receive comments from your audience and users, but you won’t get email notifications. You will still be able to approve or deny comment from the comment page on the dashboard.

That should do it!

Hope you like it and please come back.

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