How to Allow Users to Edit | Delete their WordPress Comments

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With Simple Comment Editing plugin, you can allow anonymous users the ability to edit and/or delete their WordPress comments for a period of time, the default is 5 minutes.

Out of the box, WordPress comment form will allow users to post comments on article they want to review or ask questions. However, after a comment is posted, the user loses the ability to edit or delete it.

Maybe a user might want to edit a spelling error or he/she accidentally hit the submit button before finished proofreading, without a plugin like Simple Comment Editing, that user will not be able to undo or edit those changes.

If you have a very popular blog that is getting lots of comments, then you may want to consider adding a plugin like this to allow your users to edit or correct mistakes after publishing their comments in a short period of time.

This brief tutorial shows students and new users how to allow users to edit or delete comments on WordPress blogs using Simple Comment Editing plugin.

Some features of this plugin includes:

  • Set the comment timer
  • Stop the timer
  • Hide the timer
  • Allow unlimited editing for logged in users.
  • Change the timer output to words or compact (e.g., 10:45)
  • Select button styles to match your theme
  • Enable comment editing logging to show an editing history for the comment
  • See how many people are editing comments
  • Receive email notifications of edited or deleted comments

To get started, logon to WordPress Admin dashboard.

Then go to Plugins ==> Add New

WordPress Multisite setup

Then search for Simple Comment Editing Plugin to install

Simple Comment Editing WordPress

After installing, Activate and begin using the plugin. To find the installed plugin, go to Settings ==> Simple Comment Editing.

The plugin has no options. Install the plugin. It just works. By default, anonymous users can edit comments for 5 minutes, no styling is necessary. For advanced customization, see the “Other Notes” section.

Simple Comment Editing

For additional options, you’ll have to download a separate plugin from the link below:

That should give additional and advanced options not including with the default plugin.

That should do it!

Congratulations! You have just learned how to allow anonymous users to edit or delete WordPress comments using Simple Comment Editing plugin.

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