Get a Free, Disposable WordPress Website / Blog

New to WordPress? Want to learn how to install themes, plugins and test different configurations? If you answer yes to these, then continue reading to learn how to get a free, disposable WordPress website and blog for testing purposes.

We’ve shown students and new users how to easily install WordPress on Ubuntu systems. However, in order to run WordPress, you’ll need a Linux machine with internet connection, learn how to run commands and much more.. which might take you some time to get everything right.

For those looking for a fast and easy way to get WordPress up, look no further than Sanbox. This service provides free, unlimited, disposable WordPress installs that you can get running in seconds. No need for a server or complicated setup.

This is great for new users and students.

So, visit Sandbox page test a free account. The free service allows only one install and expires after 7 days after the last logon. After 7 days since the last logon, the WordPress install is automatically deleted.

If you want to keep it forever, login as least once a week.

When you have successfully got WordPress running, you should be able to access the dashboard with full rights.

sandbox wordpress install

If you need to extend the expiration date, logon to WordPress Dashboard and go to Sandbox, then click Add 1 Week button. This will add additional week to the expiration date. You can do this as many times as would like.

wordpress sandbox install

Some of cool stuff are details in the block below:

Create an install

Installs are created in seconds, faster than creating a local install. Use it as long as you want – we’ll keep it up until you stop using it.

Customize your Install

Every install is a full WordPress site. You can install any plugin or theme on them. And they are lighting fast, hosted on powerful dedicated servers.

Make copies of your install

Installs can be turned in to templates. You’ll be given a URL that, when visited, will create a copy of the install that you saved as a template.

Hope you were able to get a functioning WordPress website for testing. Now all you need to do is learn how to do some simple WordPress task.


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