ez Platform v2.4 Released — Here’s How to Install / Upgrade on Ubuntu 16.04 | 18.04

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eZ Platform, the enterprise content management platform for developing content-driven websites and applications has been updated to version v2.4 and this brief tutorial shows you how to install or upgrade on Ubuntu 16.04 | 18.04.

This (v2.4) is a fast track release and not a long-term supported (LTS) release.

This release comes with some new features including, an improved admin interface, support of GraphQL, a new pagination system, a dedicated view for draft lists under the account user menu, and many more.

If you haven’t upgrade to version v2.4 you may want to do so to take advantage of these cool features recently added. No critical security patches added. so no hurry to upgrade. But if you want an improved eZ Platform, then upgrade today!

For more about this release, please check its release postA more complete list of new features and fixes are listed below:

  • A new Editorial Workflow
  • A completely rebuilt page builder with rich text block and the form block.
  • An improved online editor
  • Embed content inline in a rich text element
  • An improved admin interface
  • Dedicated view for drafts in admin U.I
  • Improved Pagination of sub-items
  • Support of GraphQL and more

Below are two posts that show you how to install eZ Platform on Ubuntu with either Apache2 or Nginx support. If you want to learn how to install this enterprise platform to build you content, then follow the links below:

Installing eZ Platform on Ubuntu with Apache2 Support

If you want to learn how to install eZ Platform with Apache2 support, then use the link below:

Installing eZ Platform on Ubuntu with Nginx Support

For those who rather run eZ Platform with Nginx HTTP support, they can use the link below.

Upgrading eZ Platform

If you already have eZ platform installed and you wish to upgrade to the latest, then follow the steps below:

First, perform a complete backup of your website content and database. There are many ways to backup web content and databases. If you need help, search this website for more.

After everything is backed-up, you can then follow the link below to upgrade your current installation:


That should do it!

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