Enable Google Chrome’s New Extensions Menu

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This brief tutorial shows students and new users how to enable Google Chrome new extensions menu.

This new extension menu will provide a single location for all installed/enabled extensions combined under the new Extensions Toolbar Menu icon. This was introduced in Chrome 76 and only available if you manually enable it from Chrome’s flags page.

Who knows if this might be enabled by default with future Chrome updates. Currently, extensions you install are added to the toolbar using chrome standard “3-dot menu”.

This can really clutter your menu bar especially if you have multiple extensions installed and enabled. With this new extensions menu, all your enabled extensions will be moved from the 3-dot menu to the new extensions menu.

To get started with enabling the new extensions menu, follow the steps below:

To enable the new extension menu, open Chrome and type chrome://flags into the Search or URL bar as shown in the image below:

Then press Enter to take you to the flags page.

Google Chrome Extensions Menu

Then using Chrome’s Omnibox, search for Extensions toolbar as shown in the image below:

Extensions Toolbar

Or, you can quickly get to the Extensions Toolbar Menu page by type this URL into Chrome’s URL box  chrome://flags/#extensions-toolbar-menu

On the Extensions Toolbar Menu page, choose to enable.

After enabling the Toolbar, click the Relaunch Now button.

Google Extensions Menu

When Chrome is relaunched, you’ll see a new puzzle-styled Extensions icon to the right of Chrome’s Omnibox as shown in the image below:

All enabled extensions that tool its own space will now be reassigned to the new Extensions Toolbar Menu. When you click the extensions menu, you’ll see all your extensions listed. clicking any of it will bring you to the extension’s page where you can set options to manage it.

This is now to enable the new Chrome Extensions Toolbar menu

Hope this helps and hope you like it!

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