How to Enable Filesharing Between Ubuntu and Windows

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Filesharing allows for Ubuntu and Windows systems to view and access files. How do you enable it?

In college some students get assignments or classwork to allow Ubuntu desktops access to Windows shares. This is known as filesharing.

This task can be easily accomplished with two desktop computers. In most situations, two VMs are created, one with Windows OS and the other Ubuntu.

These classwork are easy as long as you understand concepts and follow instructions. This brief tutorial is going to show you how to easily allow Ubuntu desktops to access Windows shares.

Step 1:  Create a Windows share

You cannot share anything you don’t already have. So in order to share with Ubuntu, you must first share something. To do that, open Windows Explorer (File Explorer) and right-click a blank area and select New –> Folder.

If you don’t want to create new folder, then skip to the next step to share existing folders.


Step 2: Share Windows folders

The next step after creating the folder you wish to share, right-click it and select Share with –> Specific people.


Select the people or person you want to share the folder with, (this is usually your account) and click the Share button.

share windows folder with specific people

On the next screen, choose the option below:

No, make the network that I am connected to a private network. Network discovery and file sharing will be turned on for private network, such as those in homes and workplaces.


After that you should see the shared folder path and how to connect to it. That’s the path you’ll use to access shared content.

windows share folder path

Step 3: Use Ubuntu Desktop to access the shared folder

After sharing the folder and selecting the people who can access it, logon to a Ubuntu desktop computer and open Ubuntu File Browser (nautilus)

In the File browser, select Connect to Server link on the left. Then type the shared folder path of the shared resource.


With the tutorial, the shared folder path for Ubuntu desktop to access is:


I’m using RICHARDPC for the computer name and not its IP address because VMware Workstation automatically enables DNS translation for guest machines.

After you click Connect, you’ll be prompted with the screen below.

ubuntu access windows shares prompt

Since access is granted to a user or group in this tutorial, you’ll want to select Registered User connection type.

Then specify the account name of the Windows machine who has access to the shares. The domain is the workgroup the Windows computer belong to. By default it’s called WORKGROUP.

If the Window computer doesn’t belong to defautl workgroup, you may have to enter the new workgroup name there. Finally, type the account password and connect.

If everything goes as described above, you should see Windows shared content. Since the user has full rights to the shared folder, test my creating a folder on the Ubuntu machine and it should appear in Windows as well.

ubuntu windows file sharing


windows and ubuntu file sharing

One last thing to remember, if you can’t use the Windows computer name, use its IP instead.


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