Easily Share Ubuntu 17.10 Public Folder with Windows 10

Every Ubuntu user home directory has a Public folder in it. The folder is called Public and isn’t shared by default, however, you can easily share this folder to others on your local network.

When you share the Public folder, users that are directly connected to your local network will be able to browse and access it. While sharing it, you can also choose to share so that guest (people without a user account ) can also access it.

This brief tutorial is going to show you how to share the Public folder in your home directory so that Linux and Windows users on your local network can access it as guest without accounts on the Ubuntu desktop.

The built-in file-sharing tool that makes this possible in Ubuntu uses Samba. Samba is the standard Windows interoperability suite of programs for Linux and Unix. It provides a secure and stable way to share files and printer services using SMB/CIFS protocol.

Public File Sharing

To share the Public folder in your Ubuntu home folder so that others can access it across the local network, follow the steps below.

Browse to your home directory and right-click the Public folder, then select Local Network Share as shown below.

ubuntu public folder

When the Folder sharing pane opens, click the box that says Share this folder.

After that, you should get a prompt asking to install the sharing service since it’s not installed. Click the Install service button to continue.

When you do that, the server should install and prompt you to restart the service. When the service restarts, you should be allowed to create the share. First, check the boxes to allow others to create and delete files and to enable guest access.

ubuntu public folder sharing

After selecting those check boxes, click the Create Share button to create the share. This should prompt you to apply the default permission settings on the folder which will allow users to create and delete files and folders as well as allow guest users without prompting for passwords.

When you’re done, open your Windows 10 desktop and browse the network shares… and you should see the Ubuntu Public folder you just shared.

ubuntu file sharing

Congratulations! You’ve just successfully shared Ubuntu Public folder


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