Disable / Enable Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Desktop Notifications

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Ubuntu 18.04 LTS was released recently and I quickly installed and began doing some testing. and the steps below is how I disable and enable desktop notifications.

Ubuntu notifications are there to get your attention, notify you of events and display popup messages at the top of your screen. When you get a new chat message or email you will get a notification informing you.

Simply close a notification without selecting it to dismiss it from your screen. These messages will minimize to the system tray for quick access when you need them. The message tray gives you quick access to your notification when it’s convenient for you.

When you click the clock on the top menu or press Superkey + M on your keyboard, the message tray will become available again with all your notifications.

This brief tutorial is going to show students and new users how to disable or re-enable Ubuntu 18.04 notifications.

If you’re working on something and you do not want to be bothered, you can temporarily switch off the Ubuntu notifications. This will disable all messages from popping up when they arrive at the top of your screen.

When notifications are disabled, messages will still be available on the message tray. you can quickly access them by pressing the Superkey + M on your keyboard.

Disabling Ubuntu Notifications

To disable Ubuntu 18.04 notifications, open the Activities overview and start typing notifications

  1. Open the Activities overview and start typing Notifications.

  2. Click on Notifications to open the panel.

  3. Switch the toggle to OFF.

Doing that will disable notifications on Ubuntu 18.04 desktops

ubuntu notifications

Then switch off the popup notifications as shown below. You may also want to disable the lock screen notifications as well.

ubuntu notifications disable

When switched off, most notifications will not pop up at the top of the screen. Notifications will still be available in the message tray when you display it (by clicking on the clock, or by pressing Superkey + M and they will start popping up again when you switch the toggle to ON again.

You can also disable or re-enable notifications for individual applications from the Notifications panel.


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  1. This doesn’t work. Bugged power notifications for wireless devices(like mouse or keyboard) are still there even if all notifications are disabled from that interface. They repeat every few seconds or sometimes minutes.

    1. Yeah, this is really annoying, power notifications for wireless devices come back as soon as you wake up a device…

  2. I agree that this is horribly annoying, power notifications for laptop shows as soon as I wake up the laptop BUT cannot display messages

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