Connecting to a Wireless (Wi-Fi) Network on Ubuntu 16.04 | 18.04 LTS Laptops

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If you have a laptop with a wireless card or adapter, you may be able to connect to a wireless (Wi-FI) network that is within range easily. It should work like any other wireless enabled laptop or device. When you connect to a Wi-Fi network that has Internet access, your laptop should also gain access the Internet as well as local resources like files, printers and others that are shared.

When you attempt to connect to a protected Wi-Fi network, you may be prompted to enter a password to gain access. For students and new users, this might be something new and may need some help.

This post shows students and new users how to connect to a Wi-Fi network using Ubuntu laptops or desktops.

If you’re having issues connecting to the network even after typing the correct password, these might be possbile reasons.  You could have entered the wrong password, the wireless signal could be too weak, or your computer’s wireless card might have a problem.

Also, if you notice that your Internet speed is slow, a strong connection to a wireless network does not necessarily mean that you have a faster internet connection, or that you will have faster download speeds. It might just mean that your Wi-Fi router might need to be restarted or troubleshoot.

For a normal situation, the steps below should help you connect to a Wi-Fi network in Ubuntu:

  1. Open the system menu from the right side of the top bar.

  2. Select network wireless signal excellent symbolic Wi-Fi Not Connected. The Wi-Fi section of the menu will expand.

  3. Click Select Network.

  4. Click the name of the network you want, then click Connect.

    If the name of the network is not in the list, try clicking More to see if the network is further down the list. If you still do not see the network, you may be out of range, or the network might be hidden.

  5. If the network is protected by a password (encryption key), enter the password when prompted and click Connect.

    If you do not know the key, it may be written on the underside of the wireless router or base station, or in its instruction manual, or you may have to ask the person who administers the wireless network.

  6. The network icon will change appearance as the computer attempts to connect to the network.

  7. If the connection is successful, the icon will change to a dot with several curved bars above it (network wireless signal excellent symbolic). More bars indicate a stronger connection to the network. Fewer bars mean the connection is weaker and might not be very reliable.

Ubuntu wifi connection

After that, you should have Wi-Fi access and possibly Internet if everything is setup properly.

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