Connect from Windows 10 to Ubuntu 18.10 / 18.04 | 16.04 via XRDP Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

This brief tutorial shows students and new users how to connect to Ubuntu machine via Remote Desktop Connections from Windows 10.

I recently installed Ubuntu 18.10 [BETA] desktop on one of my test servers. To test my apps, I wanted to connect to the Ubuntu machine via Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection (RDP).

If you want to learn how to make that work, the steps below should be a great place to start. Students and new users should fine the steps below helpful.

In most Linux environments, VNC server and other opensource remote connection tools are the only options available to users… You don’t see tools supporting Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) protocols to connect to Linux desktop… The only tool that gets this done is XRDP.

XRDP is an open source remote desktop protocol server which uses RDP to present a GUI to desktop clients… It provides a fully functional Linux terminal server, capable of accepting connections from rdesktop, freerdp, and Microsoft’s own terminal server / remote desktop clients.

This brief tutorial is going to show students and new users how to using Windows own remote desktop connection protocol to connect to Ubuntu 18.10 / 18.04 and 16.04 desktops

When you’re ready, follow the steps below to get it working…

Step 1: Install XRDP Server

To get Ubuntu desktops to accept RDP connections, you must first install and enable XRDP remote desktop tool… to do that, run the commands below

sudo apt install xrdp
sudo systemctl enable xrdp

After running the commands below reboot the desktop…..

Step 2: Connect from Windows 10

Now that Xrdp server is installed,  go and open Windows Remote Desktop Connection app and connect to the server IP or hostname. Make sure you’re not already logged into the desktop.

XRPD will not connect if you’re already logon to the desktop with the account you wish to connect. The solutions I have tested is to restart the Ubuntu desktop and not to logon.

Xrdp ubuntu desktop

Then click Connect to initiate the connection to XRDP server…. you should be warned about Windows not trusting the computer you’re connoting to… Accept and continue to connect anyway..

xrdp ubuntu install

Next, type in your Ubuntu machine account username and password and connect using Xorg session

xrdp ubuntu setup

When your accout username and password are confirmed, you should be logon to your Ubuntu machine from Windows… as shown in the image below

xrdp ubuntu install

That’s it!

You are now connected to your Ubuntu desktop from Windows using Microsoft own remote desktop connection protocol (RDP)… The graphic isn’t great, but good enough to get your work done….


If you attempt to logon to the Ubuntu machine and the connection is ending abruptly without connecgting, follow the steps below to resolve…

  • Make sure you’re not already logged on to the Ubuntu desktop The best thing is to restart and don’t logon.
  • If you try Xorg session and it quickly disconnect, the next time, select X11rdp from the drop-down list.. it will hang and not fully connect. that’s OK.
  • Close the X11rdp session by canceling the RDP windows, then reboot the Ubuntu desktop again. After rebooting, try the Xorg session again, and this time is should connect.
  • You’ll be prompted to authenticate three times after logging on.

That’s it!

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  1. Hello, I have tried this and get a window within my windows 10 computer stating connect is ok, then i get kicked out w/out accessing the linux computer. I am not logged into the linux so not sure why i am not able to open a remote connect within my network? Thanks in advance

  2. I have done this over and over. I installed a new instance of Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop on my laptop. I have a new Windows 10 machine with all of the updates. What happens, is that after getting an RDP session started, I get booted out, and the session ends. The session still runs on the Ubuntu machine and when I reconnect, it will resume. I have looked at my Administrative settings in Windows, looked at my settings in Ubuntu and the problem persists. My intent is to use the Ubuntu with a log on for each of my browsing types, and then setup a VPN for the Ubuntu laptop. By different browsing types, News, banking, social media, etc. for now both computers are sitting next to each other and connected via CAT 6 Rj45 network cables. Can you please provide assistance?

  3. Michael Salamon

    Hi, thanks for the guide!


  4. Thanks, this worked straight away.
    What are the other session types? Is there any one of those that might enhance the session speed – as it seems a bit slow?


  5. Thanks, but the session just hangs…no matter what. org…rdp one after the other…whuteves…just hangs. Something ain’t right.

    1. I have been having the same problem as this.
      Now re-installed ubuntu for the third time, still no success with RDP.

      1. i have the same issue. Even they are in the same subnet still cannot connected

  6. I tried the above method. I kind of got logged into the ubuntu machine. But setting up the remote desktop, a log window opens up and ends with the following error message:
    sending login info to session manager, please wait …
    xrdp_mm_process_login_response: login failed

  7. Ranjit Kumar Singh

    Thanks to you and its working.
    However, as normal desktop, I get the left icon on the home page, here nothing is shown until I press activities. If you can help, it would be so great.

  8. Hi,
    I have tried to do everything what was suggested, but when I am trying login with RDP with login and password to session xorg, even it was inputted correctly it’s returning message (connecting log):
    connecting to sesman ip port 3350
    sesman connect ok
    sending login info to session manager, please wait..
    login failed for display 0.

    That’s all.
    Thank you for advices..

    1. Did you find any solution? same thing happening with me.

      1. Here i can successfully log in with xorg from my windows machine to a ubuntu with another user other than the one that was created when installing ubuntu.
        For example:
        user1 (main user) creates ‘guest’ user.
        user1 : after connecting with RDP, the screen closes.
        guest: after connection with RDP, it works as it should.

        Tried restarting the ubuntu machine, logging with x11rdp then restarting again and it wont work =/

    2. Hi Jan,
      Currently, I keep having the same problem stating the exact same error. “… login failed for display 0” I wonder if you find a solution. If so, I would be more than happy if you shared.
      thanks in advance

  9. These instruction do not work.
    I just get the blank Blue xrdp screen and nothing, no error messages.

  10. Xorg is not a choice…

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