Completely Remove Unity Desktop from Ubuntu 17.10 After Upgrade

For those choosing to upgrade from Ubuntu 17.04 to 17.10 may find out that Unity Desktop isn’t completely removed after upgrading. Traces of the old desktop are not entirely gone. This brief tutorial shows students and new users how to completely remove the Unity Desktop from Ubuntu 17.10.

Since Ubuntu abandoned the Unity desktop, there’s no reason so keep any part or the program or feature. To make sure all traces of Unity is completely gone, follow the steps below.

This should only be done if you upgraded to Ubuntu 17.10 from 17.04 or earlier. This might be pretty risky since Unity is a core feature and other programs and services depend on it to function. Again, this should only be done for Ubuntu 17.10 users who have upgraded.

To get started with removing Ubuntu Unity Desktop, logout out of your desktop session if you’re already logged in. On the logon screen, press Ctrl — Alt — F2 keys on your keyboard to display Ubuntu terminal. Then login to access the system.

Next, run the command to completely purge the Ubuntu desktop.

sudo apt purge unity-session

Doing this will list a bunch of packages and dependencies what will be removed from your system. Check the list and except the change to continue.

After that, run the commands to below to clean up the system by removing cruft that are left behind after running the previous commands. This should also be safe to run

sudo apt autoremove

Finally, run the commands below to install a functional Ubuntu desktop with GDM3 manager. This is the default desktop session that comes with Ubuntu 17.10 so it should be pretty safe to do.

sudo apt install ubuntu-session gdm3

After running that, reboot your desktop and logon to Ubuntu and hopefully everything works. And if everything works, you should have no traces of the old Ubuntu unity desktop found in previous releases.

Hope this helps and keeping enjoying Ubuntu

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