Students Tutorial – Install LAMP with MariaDB 10 on Ubuntu 16.10

LAMP is an acronym for Linux, Apache2, MySQL and PHP. However, LAMP can also be Linux, Apache2, MariaDB and PHP. This brief tutorial is going to show students and new users the steps to install these packages on Ubuntu 16.10. At the time of this writing PHP 7 was also the default version in Ubuntu […]

Installing VirtualBox Guest Additions Software on Guest Machines

VirtualBox Guest Additions software is designed to run inside of the guest machines after the guest operating system is installed. The software consist of drivers and applications that enhance the guest machine for better performance. When you install VirtualBox guest OS, your first task should be installing the guest addition software. It allows smooth operations […]

Students Tutorial – View VirtualBox Host Shared Folders from Guest Machines

VirtualBox is a virtualization software that allows users to host multiple guest operating systems on a single host computer. We wrote about VirtualBox on this site and it’s a great tool for IT professionals to  have. And for students studying to become IT professionals, they should definitely have VirtualBox among their collections of important software […]

Creating Multiple LetsEncrpt Certificates for Multiple Domains using Nginx on Ubuntu 16.10

Just recently I had to migrate to Nginx web server from Apache2. For me, Apache2 is just too complected. After few months with Apache2, and after struggling with configuring basic settings, I switched. This brief tutorial is going to show you how I managed to get LetEncrypt installed on a single Ubuntu server with Nginx […]

Students question – How to Install VSFTPD on Ubuntu?

Ubuntu 16.10 was recently released. How how does one install VSFTPD server on Ubuntu? A tutorial that describes how to install and manage VSFTPD on Ubuntu will be helpful. This brief tutorial shows you how to install and manage VSFTPD on Ubuntu server. For those who don’t know about this server, it’s a free and […]

Students Question – Generating Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for Apache2

Certificate signing request is the first step you take in acquiring trusted SSL/TLS certificates for your domain. If you need to protect the information being transferred between your web server and client’s browsers, you must install SSL/TLS certificates.

Students Question – What is the Quickest Way to Install the LAMP Stack on Ubuntu?

The LAMP stack is a collection of opensource software that runs majority of the websites online today. There are countless tutorials on installing the LAMP stack on Ubuntu systems. What question that comes up frequently is what is the quickly way or one line command to install the LAMP stack on Ubuntu servers? If you […]